Buried Memories Here is the chilling true story of Betty Lou Beets the Texas Black Widow a woman who shot and killed two of her husbands and attempted to murder two others After a sensational trial she was sentenc

  • Title: Buried Memories
  • Author: Irene Pence
  • ISBN: 9780786012633
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here is the chilling true story of Betty Lou Beets, the Texas Black Widow a woman who shot and killed two of her husbands, and attempted to murder two others After a sensational trial, she was sentenced to die by lethal injection, and fifteen years later, on February 24, 2000, she was executed.

    • Buried Memories by Irene Pence
      176 Irene Pence
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    1. Irene Pence

      Irene Jean Rorick Pence was born in Omaha, Nebraska She graduated from the University of Nebraska, with a BS in Business Administration and Arizona State University with an MA in Education She has also taken many creative writing courses from Southern Methodist University.Irene is married and has three children She has won the Dallas Morning News Golden Pen Award and is published in Business Education Journals.

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    1. This woman is the epitomy of nuts. The book is about Betty Lou Beets who apparently got tired of her husbands rather quickly. Instead of going through the drama of a divorce she figured she'd handle things herself- why let things get messy, right? Yeah- she threw a few down a well and kept going, shot another one the back, tried to literally drive over another one. Some lived, some didn't and in the end she got caught. (Thank the Lord above.) Definitely worthwhile reading if you like true crime- [...]

    2. From the beginning of this true-life account of "the bloody crimes and execution of the Texas Black Widow," we already know the outcome. We know she kills two husbands, is convicted of the crimes, and is executed—the second woman in Texas to be executed since the Civil War.But much of the narrative of "Buried Memories : The Bloody Crimes and Execution of the Texas Black Widow" simply chronicles the life of Betty Lou Dunevant Beets, complete with snippets of her childhood experiences and the nu [...]

    3. Well-researched and documented case about a female sociopath who murdered two of her husbands and attempted to murder two moreunfortunately, it sounds as if the media turned this case into a debate about capital punishment and whether the death penalty is right or wrong rather than focusing on what this particular woman had actually done. Trying murder cases in the media with the seemingly inevitable accompaniment of a total loss of perspective has not changed since this woman's crimes and event [...]

    4. Truly a selfish, evil, crazy woman was Betty Lou Beets. She got tired of her husbands and instead of divorcing them she murdered them. She died for her dastardly deeds, the second woman in TX to be executed since the Civil War. The death penalty is always an issue and there is much about that in this book too. The author did a great job of researching and documenting the story of this woman who thought she was above the law.

    5. Good read about a very mean woman. She needed to meet her fate a lot sooner than so much later. This execution is what is know in Texas as, Total rehabilitation! Kill to get in ,die to get out! You kill in Texas, you will die on a journey made for you. AMEN!!! She got her just reward, Texas style. Don't mess with Texas. We use Texas style Rehabilitation and you will die!

    6. Beware! Deadly WomanBe careful when you fall in love with, that person my end your life for you. This woman had no morals. I think she believed that killing was a hobby, that she enjoyed. Overall, a good book.

    7. For me this author went from hero to zero. I read a previous book by her and it was an easy 5 stars-just terrific-but this one is terribly written and I got to 85% and started flicking through pulling out pertinent information till the end. I'd had enough. I certainly won't be buying any more by her. So disappointing when this happens-you think you've found a great new author then get horribly let down.The last book had hardly any mistakes in it whereas it's not the case with this one. There are [...]

    8. Really, it gets a 3.5.I wasn't familiar with Betty Lou Beets before this book, so I can't judge on how accurately Pence told the story. Listening to the audiobook, which was well read, was also confusing, because Betty has a lot of family members, and I sometimes had a hard time keeping up with who was who.The book starts out strong, but as the story unfolds, I can't decide if the book is accurate--in which case both Betty's family and the Texas legal process are a hot mess--or if it's messy wri [...]

    9. Buried Memories is narrated by George Newbern. He has the ideal voice and tone for such a read. The true story takes you back through Betty’s life as a young mom, and details about where she would meet her future husbands and what she looked for in a husband. Betty’s formula was definitely premeditated. She became known as the Texas Black Widow. More heartbreaking, is the way she involved her son and daughter in her doings… in one case, having her adult daughter come over and help her move [...]

    10. Interesting and well resaerchedAlthough the book contains some distracting grammatical error it was engrossing & appeared to be well researched. The author did a good job of developing &presenting the character of Mrs. Beets. The trial coverage was very complete. I would have appreciated more thoroughness in the pretrial years. The pretrial years seemed superficial in comparison. Overall a good read.

    11. A slightly overpriced five dollar book I bought to pass the time of a flight to Miami. Generally interesting if you have a desire to refresh yourselves on the misery of some people. The last few pages provide a good reminder to not believe everything you see and hear on television about the "poor criminals" who are really victims themselves.

    12. A great book that keeps you wondering how she can possibly get away with these crimes.A great account of a woman's greed and lack of remorse for the men who loved her and her own children whom she loved. Money truly is the root of all evil and this book describes a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. I am glad I purchased this book to read.

    13. Gets an extra star for the story itself, as Betty Lou Beets was completely crazy. However, this took me a few days to read because it's not very well written. It appears that this is the only book written about this black widow, who was married five times and disposed of the final two in her own backyard. What's worse, she coerced her children to help her move the bodies. Absolutely insane.

    14. This woman was just plain evil and thought she was above the law. Amazes me no matter how many true crimes I read that most of them do believe that! I thought it was well written and an easy and quick read.

    15. Women murderersThis woman was a cold blooded killer who cared about no one but herself. She didn't even care for her children.I'm not sure I believe in the death penalty but if I did she deserved it.

    16. An interesting read. It's fascinating to me that people like this can do terrible things for money and yet are so unwilling to die themselves when they're caught. I'm not certain the disconnect there.

    17. A pretty good read about a very, very interesting case. The book was well-organized, never repetitive and never bogged down, even though the writing was pretty clumsy in spots. Half the people in this story were real characters, which kept things moving right along. Well worth a look.

    18. I had to read this because my families lake house was 1 door away from Jimmy Don Beets house!!!! It's all still so surreal! Sad but true. It was interesting to read!

    19. Quick and easy readHave read many true crime books and this one was pretty good. While not the best book it ranks as one of the most interesting.

    20. Interesting story of Betty Lou Beets, one of the better true crime stories. Gave good background and story building.Narration is ok. He didn't make it a better story but wasn't distracting.

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