A Choice of Futures A new nation has arisen from the ashes of the Romulan War The United Federation of Planets an unprecedented union of diverse species cooperating for the good of all Admiral Jonathan Archer the forme

  • Title: A Choice of Futures
  • Author: Christopher L. Bennett
  • ISBN: 9781476706757
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook
  • A new nation has arisen from the ashes of the Romulan War The United Federation of Planets , an unprecedented union of diverse species cooperating for the good of all Admiral Jonathan Archer the former captain of the Earth starship U.S.S Enterprise, whose efforts made this union possible envisions a vibrant Federation promoting galactic peace and a multi species A new nation has arisen from the ashes of the Romulan War The United Federation of Planets, an unprecedented union of diverse species cooperating for the good of all Admiral Jonathan Archer the former captain of the Earth starship U.S.S Enterprise, whose efforts made this union possible envisions a vibrant Fed eration promoting galactic peace and a multi species Starfleet dedicated to exploring strange new worlds Archer s former crewmates, including Captain T Pol of the U.S.S Endeavour and Captain Malcolm Reed of the U.S.S Pioneer, work with him to secure that bright future Yet others within the Federation see its purpose as chiefly military, a united defense against a dangerous galaxy, while some of its neighbors view that military might with suspicion and fear And getting the member nations, their space fleets, and even their technologies to work together as a unified whole is an ongoing challenge When a new threat emerges from a force so alien and hostile that negotiation seems impossible, a group of unaligned worlds asks Starfleet to come to its defense, and the Federation s leaders seize the opportunity to build their reputation as an interstellar power But Archer fears the conflict is building toward an unnec essary war, potentially taking the young nation down a path it was never meant to follow Archer and his allies strive to find a better solutionbut old foes are working secretly to sabotage their efforts and ensure that the great experiment called the Federation comes to a quick and bloody end.This novel is the first in the Rise of the Federation series, outlining the early years of the United Federation of Planets.

    • A Choice of Futures By Christopher L. Bennett
      243 Christopher L. Bennett
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      Christopher L. Bennett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Choice of Futures book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher L. Bennett author readers around the world.

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    1. Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures continues the timeline following the Romulan War in the Star Trek: Enterprise series of relaunch novels. This book clearly lays out a course for future books in that we see how the new Federation is just starting out and how it is perceived by its interstellar neighbors. These neighbors are a bit concerned that this new government may cut into profits or remove them from territories entirely. Thus, they hatch a plan to keep the Federation's reach in ch [...]

    2. ENTERPRISE is the red-headed stepchild of the Star Trek franchise. Well, one of them, and to be honest the franchise is kind of like the Weasley family in terms of hair color. Scott Bakula did a great job as Captain Archer and I liked all of the characters but it's a series I didn't think hit its stride until it's final season when it was unceremoniously cancelled. The novels which followed it are interesting as they cover most of what I actually wanted to read about, which is the Romulan War an [...]

    3. This book essentially starts the Enterprise relaunch series afresh with a new author, new fictional era and new storytelling approach. While the five previous relaunch installments by Martin and Mangles were based on material that could have conceivably been covered in the TV series had it continued for a few more years, this book felt like the first true Enterprise relaunch novel; it goes the premise of the series and follows each of the show's main characters as their Starfleet careers and per [...]

    4. The universe of "Star Trek: Enterprise" has always been a complicated one with the fact that the show was tasked with filling in the major gaps between First Contact & Kirk's Enterprise with the primary focus on being eventually the building blocks of the Federation. In "Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures", Christopher L. Bennett takes the first major step in the post-Romulan War era with a book that takes place across almost a year. The story itself is a three-fold plot that involv [...]

    5. My initial review of this book was all of four words: "Bring back Michael Martin!" However, since I'm well aware that doesn't do the book justice, I will make an attempt to throw a few sentences together in a way that best describes my experience. But where to begin? Should I cover the extra-long descriptions of things that were totally unnecessary, or should I mention how I covered my face with embarrassment as certain characters went well beyond their norm and did things that were totally agai [...]

    6. Though Star Trek Enterprise is not my favorite of the television series, I found myself easily sucked into these tales that follow the on-screen adventures. The first four books made for great vacation reading, and I anxiously waited for my turn to read them since my husband had laid dibs first. (Star Trek Enterprise is definitely his favorite of the television series, which always makes for lively debates in our household.)To be honest, I thought I wasn't going to get into these books at all. I [...]

    7. Eagerly awaiting this release Update 25 Jun - Have picked this up!!! Someone else will have to make dinner I AM BUSY. Further comments may contain spoilers - I'll resist as best I can. Nice to see T'pol (view spoiler)[with her own command (hide spoiler)], Career shifts for everyone mentioned so far, and interesting introspection for Jonathan and what he's been through that have put him with his rank. Yes! They brought *censored for spoilerage* into the story! *HAPPY HAPPY BOUNCE* Poor Malcolm, w [...]

    8. Unlike many of my fellow Star Trek fans, I rather enjoyed the television series Enterprise. The early days of Earth's interstellar space exploration always fascinated me, and these early days of the Federation are even more exciting. I believe that many people who didn't enjoy Enterprise would be hard-pressed to not love what Mr. Bennett offers in A Choice of Futures. Much like Kirsten Beyer's revitalization of the Voyager series, Christopher L. Bennett's take on the Star Trek universe post-Ente [...]

    9. Started it after it was delivered to my kindle. So glad they continue the series after the Romulan war arc. So much untapped history there to touch on.This was very good. I am not quite sold on the three Orion females from the on shoot enterprise episode being the big baddies that are trying the destroy the new Federation. I really enjoyed the adjustment that Thanien, T'Pol's first officer, goes through in order to work with his new Vulcan captain.I liked how they continue to get Trip in the sto [...]

    10. Bennett does not handle the characters as well as Mangels and Martin did in their Enterprise books. Regardless this is an enjoyable foray into the early days of the Federation with plenty of nods to other Trek incarnations. If you are either a closeted or outed Star Trek: Enterprise fan this is worth a read.

    11. I really enjoyed reading this Enterprise novel. The characters were better defined and felt more like their TV counterparts than they did in the previous 2 Romulan war novels. The story covers the first years of the Federation and its members start to define what it is. The events in this book feel very much like classic trek

    12. Really good, CLB is one of fav ST authors. He did a great job with the characters & the multiple plot lines were fun & interesting. I'm looking forward to the next installment, & I'm glad CLB's at the helm.

    13. Der Beginn der Staffel "Star Trek ENTERPRISE - Rise of the Federation" führt die Handlung der Besatzung der ehemaligen Enterprise NX-1 unter Captain Archer fort. Nach dem Ende des romulanischen Krieges wird Archer zum Admiral befördert, T'Pol und Malcolm Reed bekommen eigene Commandos auf bedeutende Schiffen, Trip Tucker ist immer noch bei der mysteriösen Sektion 31 und hat eine telepathische Verbindung mit T'Pol etabliert. Die neu gegründete Förderation steht vor großen Herausforderungen [...]

    14. I enjoyed this Trek novel. It uses the characters from the "Enterprise" series (Archer, etc.) and takes place a number of years after that series (and after a handful of other post-Enterprise novels). The author is clearly a huge Trek fan/scholar/nerd (take your pick). He has a list of annotations for the novel on his blog that are quite impressive (and maybe a little scary). There are a lot of obscure references in this book, but I think it holds together reasonably well, even if you don't know [...]

    15. This book is a relaunch of the Enterprise franchise. It creates new situations and directions for the characters, many of which are better than the tv show. The novel takes place in a period of time that is essentially a blank slate for the Star Trek franchise, so this series has endless possibilities. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I will certainly be reading the rest of the series

    16. Enterprise is my favorite star trek tv show. But this is my first star trek book ever. I heard mixed things about this series, but I liked it. It really felt like I'm watching new season.

    17. I confess it took me a while to follow the disparate story threads picked up here, but its well worth the effort. If not only for the good tale here then for the continuation to come.Its easy to see, reading a tale like this, how different things may have turned out without much effort. Thus the Mirror Universe and Alternate Kelvin timeline feel nearer than ever. Yet this tale is firmly based in the traditional universe and has plenty of references that will keep fans happy.The Enterprise series [...]

    18. “A Choice of Futures” by Christopher L. Bennett was a welcome return to Star Trek’s Enterprise era. I had been looking forward to reading this from the moment I heard about it as I have enjoyed most of the previous books from this era and I was one of those rare people who actually seemed to enjoy the TV series. I am happy to say this it didn’t disappoint and I really enjoyed seeing some of the early development of the Federation.The story itself follows the former crew of the Enterprise [...]

    19. Overall, I enjoyed this book. There were character moments that jerked tears from my eyes. The author decided to hit the fastforward button on character growth, which I found hasty but not un-called-for. There were many references to past adversaries that existed in the tv show, which may seem too derivative to some, but can also be seen as fleshing out some things that haven't been explored heavily in the past. More ancestral figures of our beloved 23rd and 24th century characters are introduce [...]

    20. I'd hoped that by retconning Trip's death we'd get to see him back aboard Enterprise with the rest of the crew, continuing their mission of exploration. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and in fact he's still considered dead by almost everyone he ever knew. To Archer it seems his friend has been slipping away, replaced by someone he no longer fully trusts. It's a shame, but a necessary way of mainting the unfortunate continuity established by the horrible finale of the TV series.Now Enterprise [...]

    21. A Great Read by a Good Writer and Obvious Lover of All Things STBennett isn't new to Star Trek fiction, but I'm new to Bennett. And I'm not a big fan of Enterprise, but this novel looked interesting, so I took a chance on it and Bennett. In both cases, I'm glad I did.To cover the basics: Bennett is a good writer of dialogue and captures his characters, including their mannerisms and motivations from the show, very well. He also deftly balances multiple stages--different starships and worlds with [...]

    22. The book Star Trek Enterprise:Rise of the Federation, A Choice of Futures written Christopher L. Bennett tells the continuing story about the early days of the United Federation of Planets. The story takes place in the years 2162-2163 C.E approximately 10 years after the TV show Star Trek Enterprise ends. The main protagonists are the same as the TV show, but all the main Starfleet characters including Archer, T’Pol, Reid, Mayweather, and Sato have been promoted. We also learn about the fate o [...]

    23. As he did in his Department of Temporal Investigations novels, Christopher Bennett has once again showed that he has a mastery of Trek continuity without making knowledge of it a prerequisite for enjoying the book.This tome, set a few years after the end of the TV series and shortly after the Romulan War/founding of the Federation, brings the reader (especially those, such as myself, who have not read previous Enterprise novels) up to speed fast on the political situation in the nascent Federati [...]

    24. While I think ST: Enterprise wasn't such a great series, it had its moments, and there were a few characters I liked. I read only one novel (The Kobayashi Maru), but I wasn't smitten with it. I can't say it was the main reason why I never reached for another one, as this would generally be my lack of fondness for the series, but it was the only one.Until I decided to read Christopher L. Bennett's series. He's my favourite Trek writer, so I expected it to be good (and some TrekLit writers write b [...]

    25. A Choice of Futures is the first book in the Rise of the Federation subseries of Star Trek: Enterprise, following the Romulan War, the new government is put to the test as several old enemies of the crew of the Enterprise come to the foreground, but the main point is that the explorers of the crews of the Endeavour and the Pioneer get through their conflicts peacefully after all being explorers is what the Federation was founded upon and what we see the original series, The Next Generation, DS9, [...]

    26. On reading this book, it struck me that I do wish that the Earth/Romulan War story had gone on for a few more books - it would've made a great season of TV viewing :)Whilst I do enjoy looking at the rise of the Federation, and looking at some of the challenges involved - I did find that Archer had become a bit of a "fifth wheel". Now I take it that this was intentional and whilst I appreciated the growth in Malcolm, I would prefer to have Archer as a stronger character. Here's hoping the next bo [...]

    27. Even if you didn't like the TV show Enterprise, this was well written. Bits and pieces are better understood by watching the show. It does make some good references to other events in the show. The species that attacked was aliens from "Silent Enemy," now named the Mutes or Vertians. Somehow the Orion's are behind it The only complaint I can think of that was mentioned was the action only got intense toward the end, but the suspense behind the mystery of who was causing these attacks and disturb [...]

    28. 3.5 stars. This book assumes you've read the other 14 in the series, which would have been nice to been told up front, but I was able to glean most of what happened by guessing, or by reading book blurbs. The story started a bit too slowly for my liking, and the three story lines just ended up being distracting. The final reveal was so telegraphed that it wasn't surprising at all, and there was no resolution to speak of -- but then says the story continues in the next book.

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