Meet Fifty Shades Continued Fifty Shades of Grey Converted to ebook format Cover UpdatedFifty Shades of Grey from Christian s POVGet inside Christian Grey s mind as you read the complete Fifty Shades trilogy retold from his point of view carrying

  • Title: Meet Fifty Shades Continued - Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Author: G.E.Griffin
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  • Page: 436
  • Format: ebook
  • Converted to ebook format, Cover UpdatedFifty Shades of Grey from Christian s POVGet inside Christian Grey s mind, as you read the complete Fifty Shades trilogy retold from his point of view, carrying on where E L James left off at the end of Fifty Shades

    • Meet Fifty Shades Continued - Fifty Shades of Grey ¦ G.E.Griffin
      436 G.E.Griffin
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    1. G.E.Griffin

      There is than one author with this nameGillian Griffin G E Griffin is the author of the renowned Meet Fifty Shades blog, which follows on from where E L James left off at the end of the Fifty Shades Freed, recounting the story from Christian s point of view.

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    1. We read the 50 shades trilogy last summer as part of a book club. Upon completion, I remember all of us saying "Wouldn't it be great if E.L James rewrote the books from Christian's perspective?" I mean, let's face it Christian is a WAY more interesting character than Anastasia. Even through the original series we learn more of Christian's background and motives than we ever learned about Ana. She was rather flat and boring in comparison. So a friend told me about GE Griffin, and how she had comp [...]

    2. Honestly, I love fifty shades!! Like love love love ! But this book kinda threw me off a bit on how they portrayed fifty to be its not all bad but not exactly how I thought him to be .But I still love everything fifty shades related so I had to give it 4 veery interesting fifty shades stars :)

    3. I started reading this Meet Fifty Fanfic when it came out and each chapter reels you in! GE does not disappoint, in may ways I actually enjoyed this MORE than FSoG. I loved getting to see all the tiny tidbits missed from FSoG. This is probably the best fanfic I have ever read and you should read it also!

    4. I've been always dreaming to know CG's point of view. This wasn't so Christian at first, but eventually, the narration grew to be just like him. ;) I am hoping to see similar work for Edward Cullen in the future. Is there someone who continued Midnight Sun for Stephenie Meyer? that would be as lovable as this. Thumbs up!

    5. This is one of the worst novels I have ever read. There is much better intrigue, drama, and sex out there than this poorly written trash. I am so disappointed on so many levels that this is such a popular book. I will not be reading the other two.

    6. This was inside the head of Christian and it was written from his pov. Although this wasn't written by EL James, this is totally believable and I thinks if EL James wrote his POV it would not stray too far from these books. I enjoyed them.

    7. I loved being inside Christian's head! Ever since i read the series i have always wondered about how he felt at the end of the first book and throughout the other books. Such a wonderful creative author.

    8. I did try my best to avoid the great hype around the movie premiere for a few weeks, but since my husband also read (and almost liked!-he says), the trilogy, I found my self sitting at the cinema on a Friday evening. Let me tell you, that was painful. What an utter awfully wooden rendition of a book that I had enjoyed quite a lot. It was really, really bad. Cringe-worthily bad. I will be the first one to admit that the book, while very entertaining, was no literary masterpiece. Still, compared t [...]

    9. I really enjoyed reading the story from christian's prospective. He is a very confused guy and experiencing his internal struggles was really something. I actually cried. I couldn't help it. At the end when Ana left and he was standing on his balcony and then with Taylor and Gail. I loved it. It had it's flaws where the writing was concerned. But It was o.k with me.:)

    10. I enjoyed this vision best. I got to really understand why Christian Grey was so fifty shades of f***** up. the story was much clear by knowing exactly how he was thinking and see his point of view instead of just seeing it as Anastasia did.

    11. Christian and Ana 3.5 stars!!!While I'm an avid 50 Shades fan, and the original books are marked as my favourites of all time - I quite enjoyed this rendition by GE Griffin.On to Darker!

    12. Ok so, I have A LOT of feelings about this book. And not a lot of them are good. Trigger warnings: Abuse, manipulation, discussion of rape, stalkingThe last 40 pages? Excellent. The rest of it was more blatant with the abuse and manipulation. I want to talk about the last 40 pages first (well 40 pages according to my .pdf reader).This is the only case in which I actually LIKE Christian Grey and Dr. Flynn.Flynn actually points out to Grey his fuck ups with Ana and starts to put him on the right t [...]

    13. ok so before anything else, let me just say! AHHH I FREAKING LOVED THIS SERIES! i had read the fsog series, and at the end of the final book it had small chapter based on Christians pov on some events in the book. That had me hooked, so i went searched whether, EL james had written the a book based on Christians POV. So then i came across this fan fiction addition, i was a little skeptical at first as i had never actually read fan fiction before but OMG this was amazing. The writer had seemed to [...]

    14. If you are looking for "Grey," I'm having a FSoG 4 book bundle giveaway that includes "Grey." You'll want to read these fan fic versions as well.To enter to win FSoG trilogy plus "GREY," go here:arethafreakI've read the FSoG trilogy and "Grey."Don't waste money on "Grey." This woman wrote the Christian point of view for all three books a while ago. You won't be getting anything new from EL James. I swear to you that G.E. Griffin has already written the same thing that E.L. James has written in " [...]

    15. I never knew such a book existed where Christian's point of view (POV) has also been written regarding the entire triology. This one is not written by Fifty Shades writer, but by a different one. I must say Griffin has done a brilliant work on it.Although I was aware that Christian Grey was a screwed up character, reading the first part from his side actually puts many things in to perspective. I know, I know, this writer's thinking might not be same as James, but at least Griffin has tried to d [...]

    16. ME gustó el libro, pero al comienzo me hizo sentir asco de Christian, lo sé me tendría que ayudar a entenderlo pero no pude. Las cosas que pensaba, entiendo que tuvo un pasado duro, pero igual estuve todo el tiempo pensado lo asqueroso que era y todos sus problemas, llegué a dudar de porque me gustaba tanto él. La cosa es que cuando Ana lo deja, y él espabila reconoce que tiene problemas, y lo que es mejor aún, intenta cambiar, en ese momento me doy cuenta de porque me gusta. Me ayudó a [...]

    17. I chose this for my weekend read and it didn't disappoint. I actually prefer the book better from Christian's POV. It gives it a more masculine touch. I liked E.L James' version although I felt that given Anna's lack of experience with anybody, it tended to be kind of biased with no point of reference. Having read this version from an extra experienced guy's point, its more appealing and show that Christian was really into Anna, like for real, as compared to his past relationships and experience [...]

    18. I think it actually is great to hear Christian's side of the story but at times I feel that he's not matured mentally even though he's supposedly this great business man. I did find out a few little things that I can't remember noticing when I read the Erica James books and it certainly adds to the story. As the original books came out a few years ago, some details are hard for me to remember, so I will just have to force myself to read them again. Ohh no. Such a hardship! If you enjoyed the ori [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book. It was funny and interesting to read Christian's POV.One thing that I found to be an advantage or a disadvantage (depending on how you look at it) is the fact that it was written by another author, I found my original perception of Christian changed. There were times where his arrogance really showed and where I found myself thinking that he really is a sick and twisted individual.

    20. Omg I LOVED IT. I am so grateful to the author for writing it!! After I finished the original trilogy (3 times) I would die to know Christian's pov, and this books mirrors it perfectly (in my humble opinion). A must read for FSOG addicted like myself <3

    21. Excellent!! A very well written in Christian's POV. It follows all three books and also Grace's POV. Ms. Griffin is a wonderful writer and I have enjoyed this story and Starr Fated and Starr Destined.

    22. christiangrey50shades If you enjoyed reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy,you'll certainly enjoy reading the whole thing retold from Christian's pov. But if you thought E L James' books were a load of old rubbish, you won't enjoy 'Meet Fifty Shades'. It's as simple as that.

    23. Me parece una buena adaptacion a los personajes pero no se, siento que christian es como mas insensible y pervertido de lo que E. L James lo imagino sin embargo es divertida y sexy creo que es capaz de cautivar al lector.

    24. I've read the the FSOG series and I'm hooked to itand I've been wondering what's going on Christian's mind .well!!! this fan fiction nailed it!!! Good job G.E griffin for capturing Mr. grey character so perfectly . .

    25. Why can't I download this as a book? Very frustrating as can't find it anywhere else but don't have the net to sit on webpage for hours.

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