The Mistakes of Amy Maxwell Amy Maxwell s got four kids a useless husband and crusted applesauce on her yoga pants that haven t seen the inside of a gym in over a decade She s convinced her teenage daughter is up to no good he

  • Title: The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell
  • Author: Heather Balog
  • ISBN: 9781500664770
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amy Maxwell s got four kids, a useless husband and crusted applesauce on her yoga pants that haven t seen the inside of a gym in over a decade She s convinced her teenage daughter is up to no good, her ten year old can t stop chattering in her ear and her oldest son has befriended a teenaged boy twice his age who is a little weird And don t even get her started on havingAmy Maxwell s got four kids, a useless husband and crusted applesauce on her yoga pants that haven t seen the inside of a gym in over a decade She s convinced her teenage daughter is up to no good, her ten year old can t stop chattering in her ear and her oldest son has befriended a teenaged boy twice his age who is a little weird And don t even get her started on having a toddler when you re in your late thirties She just can t keep up Forget tired she s exhausted and feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied and like a disappointment to everyone her kids, her parents and most of all, herself.To relieve her stress, Amy finds herself fantasizing about everything from the pool boy next door to finding out that her daughter was switched at birth She can t help her thoughts, but she figures, if they re in her head, they can t hurt anyone else, right When Jason, a very sexy forty something year old single father moves in across the street, Amy finds her fantasy world has gone into overdrive When Amy and her 13 year old daughter stumble upon the body of their neighbor, shot to death in her living room, Amy finds herself thrown together with Jason in the most unpredictable way Amy finds herself bumbling around Jason, trying desperately to stop her fantasies and her underlying attraction towards him as this who done it mystery slowly unfolds And Amy soon realizes, nobody is who she thinks they are even Amy herself.

    • The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell By Heather Balog
      440 Heather Balog
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    About "Heather Balog"

    1. Heather Balog

      Heather Balog is a self proclaimed Bad Mommy and the author of ten novels, including the Amy Maxwell Cozy Mystery Series She also collaborates with her Tween age daughter on the Lexie Maxwell Series for young readers She blogs at The Bad Mommy Diaries which, according to her family, is mostly obnoxious exaggeration, but it s much cheaper than therapy When Heather is not writing or complaining on her blog, she s a school nurse, taxi driver, her household Sudoku champion, and a runner with way too many aches and pains to be any good She lives with her husband and her two children who all make fun of her inability to exist without the help of a Post It note list on a daily basis She also has two very needy dogs who do not make fun of her, but take turns emptying the garbage in the kitchen just to get her blood pressure boiling Visit her website at heatherbalog or her blog at thebadmommydiaries.

    255 thoughts on “The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell”

    1. This is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in awhile! It had a little mystery, and a lot of laughs! Heather Balog has made a new fan!! I will probably read this book again, I am so glad I won it on !

    2. I really loved the fact that this story was so simple yet engaging. I'm not a mom, wife, or even at the character age, yet I could relate to her. Although, there were circumstances where her habit of creating too many assumptions, and overanalyzing was annoying. Yet, I believe we all do that at some level when we are stressed, which was a main factor in this story.I loved how the author managed to create an every day life routine into comedy, relatable and descriptive to the readers. Also I foun [...]

    3. Amy is a stay at home mom of four children. She’s got her hands full with a surly teen, a screechy ten year old, an eager six year old and a two year old toddler who wants to give up naps. And her husband retreats to his man-cave as soon as he gets home from work and she feels like a failure compared to her siblings and her own family.So when her six year old Colton plays with the fourteen year old autistic kid from across the road, she goes over to ask about him. She’s a bit of a busybody w [...]

    4. It All Started At The Birthday PartyThis series must be read in order. This is the first book. I can't wait to read Amy Maxwell & The 7 Deadly Sins!For Amy, being a stay-at-home mom to four kids (who don't listen) is getting to be a bit much. She only has one friend a and her husband doesn't help like ever. Hopefully he really did get that vasectomy and she won't end up being the overwhelmed (and probably insane) mother of five kids It is Colt's birthday and she is trying desperately to keep [...]

    5. Review for Chick Lit Central (chicklitcentral)Amy doesn’t mince words. While reading about her chaotic life in "The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell," the one that revolves around four unruly children and one husband who she could easily count as another child in the house, you discover real honesty and depth where parenthood is concerned. You also discover that it's not easy trying to be everything to everyone, and it’s even harder when you feel there’s no one around to support you or to help ou [...]

    6. The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell was my first Heather Balog read and it won't be my last. Heather is a very funny woman, whose wit and sass resonates with me.Amy Maxwell is an overworked stay at home mom being slowly suffocated by the chaos of raising four children with a barely-there (as in completely mentally checked-out) husband. When she's not cleaning up poo or spew, she's daydreaming about the hot neighbor across the street, and getting herself caught up in things she should stay the hell out [...]

    7. I loved this book. Laughed out loud at all the scenes. As a mom of 2 children, i related to all the crazy mommy scenes in this book. Page turner, fast paced read, and the author kept the action flowing. Great mystery and surprises also.

    8. First off, thanks so much to the author for a copy of the book in return for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book, however I’ll start with the reason I found it tough, and wouldn’t recommend for anyone who hasn’t kids (for those who do, there will actually be a lot you can relate to). I was at a talk recently where the author said that there was a common idea that all books should be set on an atypical day, that is a day that repels the norm. I’d actually never heard that, though [...]

    9. Holy crap! When I originally requested this book from Netgalley I was going off the cover and it looked like a young adult book and it is far from it. This book was so good and I would totally read more by this author in the near future.Amy Maxwell feels like a horrible mother and wife but she is also thrown into the middle of a DEA sting op. Amy is a typical mom of four kids and an inattentive husband. The story walks you through the 8 mistakes that she makes in the current week(s) of the book. [...]

    10. I really enjoyed reading about Amy Maxwell's life. It goes from being mundane to crazy and you never quite know what situation she will find herself in next.Amy Maxwell has four children and a less than helpful husband. I loved how she shocked me with her totally honest views on them all. Great fun! Amy suspects her teenage daughter is up to no good and decides to investigate further. This leads to adventures even she couldn't dream up. The plot had me hooked.I am looking forward to reading more [...]

    11. This could have been a great read or even really good if only the author did not whine so much and make the mother of 4 make it look like a horrible pain in the butt and the husband beyond horrible. Yes kids can be draining and yes some spouses can do less than nothing which can also be a horrible thing. But the heroine is such a whiner that I had little to no patience for her and she made me totally unsympathetic. There are working moms out there. Some have four kids and they still manage to se [...]

    12. Does quirky sound interesting. I love quirky stuff and the author has stitched together an irreverent tale with all the "quirk" you could ask for without resorting to fantasy. The premise and execution is soundly based in reality in the same way that the TV show "Modern Family is reality based. Real estate agents actually exist as I have met several. There are real rich geezers that marry voluptuous younger women. So there is a framework of reality that holds it together and then it explores the [...]

    13. Amy Maxwell goes into dream states. This is characterized by italic writing. I wish I knew this at the beginning because it would have made the book a lot easier to read. The story line, minus the day dreams, was very good. However, the day dreams were little melodramas that sometimes were so far off the story line it took a bit to get back to "reality".

    14. Did not expect to like this book as much as I did. My only complaints are the daydreaming.I skipped over those after the first few. And the husband. I just cannot believe any woman would stay with and could love such a useless waste of space. I hope in the next book, she figures that out. Would love to see Amy & Jason together!

    15. I didntThis book wasn't what fought it would be a really didn't care for the store of her life and how thing turn of ,I don't have any thing more to say. Why do you have to write so much you can sums up a book in two or more words

    16. Oh Amy Maxwell, how do you get yourself into these situations? If only Amy was an ordinary house wife The adventures that Amy finds herself in are quite interesting. Guess there's never a dull moment when you are a busy body mother of 4. Great face paced book!!

    17. Highly recommended. This book was hilarious.This book was family oriented in the beginning and then turned into a mystery. Mother was hilarious and went through the every day drama as most families until she tried to befriend her neighbors and then the mystery begins.

    18. The story is OK, but gets bogged down toward the middle and end.The ending seems drawn out up to a point, then events end almost too neatly, after all the upset before.

    19. Really enjoyed this book. As a mother I found so much of this book relatable. It makes the mundane chores of motherhood much easier to appreciate.

    20. Crazy sillyOnly a mother would understand this book I enjoyed all of it because it reminded me how I felt with all four kids at home the drug mystery was just a plus

    21. Cute, funny, suspenseful with accurate portrayal of motherhood. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character is how I would picture Stephanie Plum if she got married & had 4 kids.

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