The Olive Branch Escape to Italy with THE OLIVE BRANCH The irresistibly romantic new novel from Jo Thomas award winning author of ebook runaway bestseller THE OYSTER CATCHER It s amazing what you can buy online these

  • Title: The Olive Branch
  • Author: Jo Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781472223708
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Escape to Italy with THE OLIVE BRANCH The irresistibly romantic new novel from Jo Thomas, award winning author of ebook runaway bestseller THE OYSTER CATCHER.It s amazing what you can buy online these days MemorabiliaFashion accessoriesA crumbling Italian farmhouseAfter a Prosecco fuelled girls night in gets out of hand, Ruthie Collins awakes to discover that she hasEscape to Italy with THE OLIVE BRANCH The irresistibly romantic new novel from Jo Thomas, award winning author of ebook runaway bestseller THE OYSTER CATCHER.It s amazing what you can buy online these days MemorabiliaFashion accessoriesA crumbling Italian farmhouseAfter a Prosecco fuelled girls night in gets out of hand, Ruthie Collins awakes to discover that she has bid for her dream Italian home online and won Recently out of a relationship, a new start is just what Ruthie needs Anything is better than sleeping on her mum s settee.But arriving in Southern Italy, Ruthie doesn t know the first thing about running an olive farm And with new neighbours, the tempestuous Marco Bellanouvo and his fiery family to contend with, all Ruthie wants is to go back home.Life can change with the click of a mouse But all good things friendship, romance, and even the olive harvest take time to grow Can Ruthie finally put the past to rest and find her own piece of the Dolce Vita along the way

    • The Olive Branch : Jo Thomas
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    1. « A bit of sun and dolce vita is exactly what you need ». But settling abroad is not as simple or easy as one might think. Actually, even if you’re settling in some kind of paradise, it «isn’t all as rosy as it looks. You can’t run away from your problems; they follow you wherever you go ».In spite of the dramatic change in her life and lifestyle, the feeling of loneliness that comes with, and the hostility of her neighbors, Ruthie will succeed to adapt herself to her new environment a [...]

    2. Ruthie decided to buy a farmhouse on ebay. It’s in Italy and she hasn’t seen it beforehand- but she wants to escape her present life for a totally fresh start.But when she arrives it is pouring with rain and she wonders what she has done buying an olive farm she knows nothing about. It needs a lot of work and it’s a bit daunting for her.The Italian landscape is described beautifully and makes you want to be a part of the story. Her neighbours have a feud where the house has been sold witho [...]

    3. 4.5 - "The only regrets you have in life are the things you didn't do." Stars!The Olive Branch is the first book I have read by Jo Thomas, and it was a wonderfully vivid, beautifully written, entertaining and colorful journey into the heart of Italy, it was literally like going on holiday in my Kindle.Ruthie’s journey from Tooting, London to Puglia, Italy and her subsequent exploits were an absolute delight too read, what with a cast of many, and not forgetting Daphne the goat as well as Phil [...]

    4. A very cute, if typical, contemporary Brit chick lit. I loved the Italian setting. Ruthie was funny and dumb all at the same time. Daphne was the star of the story to me. And I learned (possibly more than I wanted) a LOT about olive oil. This is a quick, fun read.

    5. I’m always drawn to books set in Italy and this sounded so enticing. There is no denying that it is a well written book with warmth and humour. There is a great sense of place with the descriptions of the olive farm and the surrounding landscape, the food - it all sounded so inviting. I just felt the story wasn't strong or exciting enough to make it memorable. I’m sure most of us have bought something on eBay that we later wish we hadn’t but Ruthie takes it one step further and buys a dila [...]

    6. A tasty treat to be devoured with a spoonful of olive oil in a crumbly old farmhouse in Puglia. Careful what you buy on ebay…and watch out for goats…It’s something most of us have done at some point – sat in front of a computer fuelled by alcohol. What most of us haven’t done however is to then go on Ebay and buy an Italian farmhouse.Well Ruthie Collins does just that and before long she is thrown head first into a way of life, a raging family feud and the art of olive oil growing. Rut [...]

    7. The Olive Branch is an evocative story about Italy. The portrayal of the hardships involved in moving to a run down rural farmhouse in another country offers a refreshing view of an often over-romanticised situation. Despite the realism, the novel had a fairy tale quality. I bought my paperback copy from Sainsburys.

    8. This little treasure was a bargain at 99p on the Kindle store. I think you should read this not only if you adore romance, or travel, or community, or drama, or family; but if you love really good writing that brings you in to the point where you do not want to give the world up. I loved this and I feel so summery now!

    9. Predictable from start to finish but intriguing enough to keep me reading. I learned about olive farming, and oil production, so that was something. I grew weary of the heroine's chronic lack of self-confidence and histrionics over decision-making. If you enjoy Romance in an Italian setting, you'll enjoy this book.

    10. Review posted originally reviewedthebook/2015 What I love about Jo Thomas’ novels is that they are the perfect slice of escapism. The thing about The Olive Branch was that I knew I was going to love it before chapter one had even started. The prologue completely drew me in, plastered a smile on my face and set me up for the delightful story to follow. The moment Ruthie wakes up to confirmation of her winning eBay bid, she has to quickly wake up to the knowledge that her life has changed foreve [...]

    11. The Olive Branch by Jo Thomas is published by Headline Review, in ebook on 25 March 2015, and paperback on 2 July 2015. The Olive Branch is Jo Thomas' second novel, her first; The Oyster Catcher was published in November 2014.I was attracted to this novel by the blurb and the cover. I have a soft spot for stories set in Italy, and the cover design on The Olive Branch is really inviting. It's an incredibly easy read, I finished it during a return train trip down to London.Ruthie has bought a farm [...]

    12. An excellent read and really warm story with great characters and a heartwarming tale. Ruthie splits with her boyfriend and decides to move out to Italy and she has brought a place out there but once she arrives people say she doesn't own it but after looking into it she does. Everyone back home tells her she is daft making this move and irresponsible but she wants to prove them wrong. She doesn't hit it off with certain people in the village and she really begins to think she has made the wrong [...]

    13. I was desperate to read this book after Jo's debut novel (The Oyster Catcher) and on the whole i wasn't disappointed. The story tells of Ruthie and her journey to a sinner climate. She buys a house with an Olive Farm on it. The locals are not happy and as most stories go, Ruth has to show thats she is not just a bimbo. Its brilliantly written and you feel like you are there, tasting the oils, sitting in the sun. The characters come to life and the whole book is a brilliant romantic story. Have t [...]

    14. Loved everything about this book - the characters, the setting and all the animals. Jo is a new author to me and I will definately be reading her first book - why have I left it on my shelf for so long. Highly recommended.

    15. File under predictable, not very well written chick lit. Diversionary at best. Save for the beach. If you like chicklit-y books about Italy, I would recommend Nicky Pellegrino as a better writer of such.

    16. Jo Thomas really captures the essence of rural Italy in this, her second novel. The story really comes to life with some wonderful description and believeable characters. Highly entertaining but with some poignant moments too. Perfect summer escapism. Loved it!

    17. Didn't really like the style of writing on this one it felt a bit too hectic! Good story though but doesn't make me want to rush out and read another by this author.

    18. Finally I have gotten around to reading the wonderful, inspiring The Olive Branch by Jo Thomas as part of Sharon’s Food and Drink month on the blog. I’ve read Jo’s debut novel The Oyster Catcher and like so many others thoroughly enjoyed it as it was the perfect escapism read with a fantastic setting and great cast of characters. So where does the author take us to in her second book, well the answer is glorious Italy as Ruthie Collins embarks on a journey very different from the life she [...]

    19. Ruthie buys a large house deep in Italy to arrive and find not only is there a goat to greet her but that she may not be the owner after all. She fortunately is familiar with DIY as this place is going to need it big time. Her Italien, despite the course, may however require some improvement. Daphne, the goat, looks like she is staying as is a family of feral cats. With this and the neighbours- the family that originally owned the house, Ruthie has her hands full. This is a wonderfully written b [...]

    20. This book started out promising but went downhill. I thought Ruthie was going to be one of those heroines that I would grow to love and cheer for as she begins this new chapter of her life. That didn't happen. Ruthie got on my last nerve. She whined constantly. I also didn't believe the romance between Ruthie and Marco. I never really felt any sort of spark between them, although Marco did act like a child when her ex showed up, so I guess they match up better than I thought. By the end, I was y [...]

    21. After a disastrous break-up Ruthie bids on and buys a rundown farmhouse in Italy. When she arrives she finds there is a live-in goat and neighbours who are rather unwelcoming. Her smattering of the Italian language is no help with the neighbours who speak a local dialect. There seems to be a dispute over ownership of the house and land along with an olive grove that Ruthie decides she needs to harvest to generate an income. The internet is sporadic and transport difficult at times. Help comes fr [...]

    22. This is an uncomplicated, cosy read which paints a realistic picture of southern Italy. I enjoyed the way the author painted the location, characters as I live in Italy myself, I think Jo Thomas managed to capture the Italian spirit really well. It was also really interesting to read about the olive harvest. This would be the perfect read to take on holiday or to read as a preparation for an Italian holiday. Well done! I'm now going to look up her debut novel, "The Oystercatcher".

    23. Great read!Loved the setting and Ruthie, not your average chic lit character. The only thing that frustrated me slightly was the indecision about staying or leaving. Ruthie is portrayed as a strong determined character - not someone who keeps changing her mind. Other than that I loved it and will definitely be purchasing more Jo Thomas books.

    24. A great summer holiday read. If you enjoy books about Italy and the trials and tribulations of trying to settle into a new community while renovating an old property, you will love this one. I found the details of olive oil growing and harvesting fascinating. A lovely feel-good ending too.

    25. Ok book. A little too repetitive and predictable. But I was in the mood to "visit Italy" and this book fit the bill. It was fun to read about harvesting olives! I liked the characters very much. I recommend this book.

    26. Imagine Italy's countryside, small town, farm houses, olive farm, olive oil, trulli - what more can you ask for. I loved the thought of settling abroad and starting from scratch (always envy women who are independent). Loved to read about the struggles that Ruthie faced (realistic) - at least readers (or me) won't have the impression that starting over / settling abroad will be easy. I learnt about olives and olive oil.

    27. Nicht sehr gut geschrieben, sehr vorhersehbare Geschichte. Habe das Buch in Italien in einen Olivenhain gelesen und das war ganz nett, da man etwas von der Olivenernte lernt - aber auch minimal natürlich. Vielleicht ist es angenehmer es in Englisch zu lesen, irgendwie komisch in Deutsch.

    28. This was a v cute book and a great one to end my holiday reading. I was worried I was going to be let down because the other book by Jo that I read this holiday was disappointing but I think that must have just been a fluke because I thought this one was great!

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