Um Marqu s Irresist vel PR MIO RITA MELHOR ROMANCE HIST RICO O Michael Marqu s de Bourne perdeu tudo o que tinha com uma s carta um oito de ouros Apostou e perdeu toda a sua fortuna e terras numa s jogada e com elas

  • Title: Um Marquês Irresistível
  • Author: Sarah MacLean
  • ISBN: 9789897070082
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • PR MIO RITA MELHOR ROMANCE HIST RICO 2013O Michael, Marqu s de Bourne, perdeu tudo o que tinha, com uma s carta um oito de ouros Apostou e perdeu toda a sua fortuna e terras numa s jogada e, com elas, a sua reputa o Bourne, nome pelo qual todos agora o conhecem, passou a ser um exilado da sociedade, transformando se no frio e implac vel dono do Anjo Ca do, o clubePR MIO RITA MELHOR ROMANCE HIST RICO 2013O Michael, Marqu s de Bourne, perdeu tudo o que tinha, com uma s carta um oito de ouros Apostou e perdeu toda a sua fortuna e terras numa s jogada e, com elas, a sua reputa o Bourne, nome pelo qual todos agora o conhecem, passou a ser um exilado da sociedade, transformando se no frio e implac vel dono do Anjo Ca do, o clube de jogo mais famoso de Londres Mas ele tudo far para recuperar o que foi seu.As terras de Bourne acabam por ir parar posse de Penelope, uma sua paix o de inf ncia Penelope sofreu a humilha o de um noivado rompido, tendo sido trocada por outra mulher Por isso deseja agora um casamento que n o seja igual a todos os outros um compromisso por conveni ncia.Quando Bourne a rapta e a for a a casar se com ele para poder reaver as suas terras, Penelope aceita sem grandes dramas o desafio, pois sente se atra da para uma rela o diferente, que lhe permita aceder a prazeres inexplorados Bourne a senha de acesso aos prazeres desconhecidos por que Penelope anseia Mas ao mesmo tempo o seu cora o deseja que Bourne a ame, tal como ela o ama, secretamente, a ele Ser que Bourne vai conseguir ultrapassar as marcas e os fantasmas do passado e revelar a Penelope o que realmente sente E estar Penelope altura do submundo do v cio e do pecado em que Bourne agora vive

    • Um Marquês Irresistível by Sarah MacLean
      113 Sarah MacLean
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      New York Times, Washington Post USA Today bestseller Sarah MacLean is the author of historical romance novels that have been translated into than twenty languages, and winner of back to back RITA Awards for best historical romance from the Romance Writers of America.Sarah is a leading advocate for the romance genre, speaking widely on its place at the nexus of gender and cultural studies She is the author of a monthly column celebrating the best of the genre for the Washington Post Her work in support of romance and the women who read it earned her a place on Jezebel s Sheroes list of 2014 and led Entertainment Weekly to call her gracefully furious Sarah lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.

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    1. “I am too imperfect for you,” he whispered at her temple.“You are perfectly imperfect for me.”I just I love this book. I love the cover. I love the writing; every single sentence. I enjoyed reading it. I love the plot, oh yes, no better plot than revenge. I love the characters, both of them. But most of all; I love you Sarah MacLeanGimme more books like these“You have my land, Penelope,” he whispered at her ear, the sound low and liquid and altogether too distracting even as it sent [...]

    2. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED5+++ VERY SHINY STARS!"I want to lay you down in the light of The Angel and make love to you."Wow, wow, wow! What a fabulous read! *hugging my Kindle* Prepare yourself to be gushed upon.From revenge to love. Michael intends to corrupt Penelope. He wants to turn her from light to dark, from good to bad. His goal is to totally ruin her. And it will feel so splendid. A Rogue by Any Other Name is such a great example why I love to read HR. *does the happy dance*Despite my minor [...]

    3. I promised I would let you know how A Rogue By Any Other Name went. I really enjoyed it.In early eighteen hundreds, Michael Lawler, Marquess of Bourne, freshly in control of his family's estate at the ripe age of twenty one, is playing cards with his late father's friend, Viscount of Langford. Viscount of Langford is a trusted ally, father to Michael's best friend. Until recently Langford oversaw Michael's fortune and had just turned it over to him.Michael trusts Langford and when the viscount d [...]

    4. A Rogue by Any Other Name is the first book in Sarah MacLean’s The Rules of Scoundrels series and from the first page to the last is filled with emotion – happiness, heartbreak, passion, romance – a truly fabulous story!I often find, with historical romances, that the rules society has placed on the women can make them seem mousey and pathetic, so I love it when an author takes those women and makes them strong enough to laugh at their peers – or at least not care enough to conform to wh [...]

    5. "I’m going to corrupt you"Again, I ask myself why do I only dip into Historicals a few times a year? This was a great book. Loved the heroine. Loved the hero. Love stories where he vows to himself that he will not be lured by a woman and fall in love…. But of course it does happen!"You’re like the rattle of dice. The shuffle of cards. You call to me until I ache with desire for you"A decade ago, the Marquess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title. Now a partner in Londo [...]

    6. I choose you. I choose love.And the world says, "aww"I think my weeks-long book slump finally ended when I decided to go back and finish the second half of this. It's really too bad that I seem to have a roadblock every single time I try out a new Historical Romance author. No other genre works me over in such a way, to where I'm stuck in an exact idea of what I want to be reading (a.k.a. Kleypas type of wit), and if my ideals are not met right away, I tend to balk and kick my feet until someone [...]

    7. - The Story (taken from back-cover blurb) -A decade ago, the Marquess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title. Now a partner in London’s most exclusive gaming hell, the cold, ruthless Bourne will do whatever it takes to regain his inheritance—including marrying perfect, proper Lady Penelope Marbury. A broken engagement and years of disappointing courtships have left Penelope with little interest in a quiet, comfortable marriage, and a longing for something more. How lucky [...]

    8. She realized how little she wanted a quiet life of pastel colors and quadrilles and tepid lemonade. She wanted more. *Happy sigh* What a wonderful book! Sometime you stumble on these HR gems that makes you smile, gush and wish you lived in a different time. Sarah McLean is a wonderful author!"Sirrah! Do not come any closer! I…", she flailed for a decent threat. "I am armed!"His response was unmoved. "Do you plan to smother me with your muff?""You, sir, are not a gentleman.""Ah. Truth at last." [...]

    9. demonloversbooksandmoreMy very first thought as I started this book, perhaps two chapters in, was “The hero is such a bastard!” followed by, “Good. They always fall the hardest.” I wasn’t wrong.Bourne is playing a game of cards with Viscount Langford, his best friend’s father, and his guardian, when he loses. Not just loses, but loses big. Bourne loses everything. Langford purposely goaded Bourne and pushed him into wagering his holdings. Langford’s reasoning was that he’d been t [...]

    10. Sarah MacLean has become one of my favorite HR authors. I enjoy her writing style and I find myself highlighting nearly every three or four pages. It’s like, “Oh my, I just love how she said that,” and I have to stop and do the Kindle highlight thing:) I crave dialogue in my novels and this one doesn’t disappoint! It is sexy, witty, poignant and refreshing! While there are a few places that could be referred to as “cheesy,” it still worked for me and I loved it!The young Michael, Mar [...]

    11. After having read so many insipid, good, but uncomplicated Regency romances lately, this book was a breath of fresh air for me.The Marquess of Bourne had a dissolute youth, and lost his family estate to of at through a game of cards, and decides to make it his mission in life to get his estate back as well as get revenge on the man who won it from him (Viscount Langford and his innocent son, Tommy). Frankly, I think that Langford did him a favor, since that was the kick in the ass that got him o [...]

    12. The perfect place to start reading Sarah MacLean is with the first of her Rule of Scoundrels series. One of the very best of today’s historical romance authors.

    13. #RetoÍntimo14,54ª vez que lo leo y ENCANTA!!!!#RetoRitaEs la 3ª vez que leo este libro y me dan ganas de leer toda la serie otra vez.Me gusta mucho como escribe Sarah MacLean y los personajes que crea. Aquí tenemos a Bourne, que lleva 10 años viviendo para vengarse, duro, frío y al que no le importa nada con tal de llevar a cabo su venganza. Es un canalla de esos que me gustan, me encanta.Penélope, qué delicia. A sus 28 años, considerada una solterona, sobrevive al escándalo de verse a [...]

    14. At the age of 21, Michael Lawler, Marquess of Bourne and a gambling addict, lost everything he had in a game of cards with Langford. He lost all he had inherited from his parents' untimely death to a man who sat there and laughed at him. Embarrassed and devastated, Bourne vanishes, not to be seen in polite society again. His only thought is for revenge, to bury Langford one day and reclaim his lands of Falconwell. For nine years Bourne worked his way up, becoming part-owner of The Fallen Angel, [...]

    15. I listened to this book as an unabridged audiobook read by Rosalyn Landor. She does a fine rather snooty job with the narration which fits the historical setting and a fabulous job with the heroine but when it comes time to do to the manly voices I cringed a little. I would’ve much rather had a male voicing the guy parts but they didn’t ask me.It’s been a bit since I’ve read a historical romance and this one had a lovely leisurely setup that introduced the relationship between childhood [...]

    16. Back in ye old days, marriage was a business transaction - all about what would look good on paper. So, many of these Regency Era books have the formula of a marriage first, then a love story where the husband and wife fall in love. This is one of those talesd he was kind of a dickThis is your typical bad boy tricks girl into marrying him, treats her like crap, she falls for him anyway, he realizes he loves her back stories. And, yet, it is cute, funny, and I find that I am a sucker for these ki [...]

    17. All right, I will admit that I am in love with Sarah MacLean's books. She started me on my new found historical love affair with her superb Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake and I have not looked back so I may be a bit biased in saying that I have loved everything she has since written, including A Rogue By Any Other Name. This book is a bit different though as our hero, Michael, Marquess of Bourne is quite unlikable for a good bit of the book. He forces a marriage of convenience with an [...]

    18. (24ª lectura del #RetoRita)Una buena novela del género. Comparada con lo que se publica en castellano desde hace unos años, diría incluso que muy buena. He disfrutado más de la relectura que de la primera lectura que hice cuando se publicó, y supongo que es precisamente por esa falta de romántica histórica de calidad editada en España últimamente. De hecho, confieso que, al acabar de leerla, me compré el resto de la serie sin dudarlo y la devoré en pocos días (ya comentaré esas nov [...]

    19. The books started out fabulously. It was solid, fun, witty, and angsty.I was sure it will be perfect!And it was, up untill about half way trough. Then it was just flat. Not bad, per sebut almost boring. It seemed like after the hero's turn-around everything was done in a straight line. Even the famous card scene with the heroine and the eeeeevil enemy left me cold.Also, a lot of things were never adressed. Like Mrs.Worth. The very young servats. The mistress-should-live-here-not-a-normal-family [...]

    20. *****3 1/2 stars*****What an incredibly wonderful yet frustrating read! The idea for this series is genius. Four incredibly delicious hot men are business partners in the most successful gaming house in London. Each man serves a function within the gaming house: Accountant, Manager, Bouncer/Security, and Owner.This is Bourne's book. Cross, the accountant, will be featured in the next book.This book captivated me from the opening line and I couldn't put it down! Sadly there were some issues with [...]

    21. Este libro forma parte del #RetoRita y he acertado totalmente :DLos protas me han gustado muchísimo, tanto el cabroncete de Bourne como Penélope y su afán de aventuras <3 Mucha química y encuentros chispeantes entre los dos. La estructura del libro muy chula con las cartas intercaladas entre los capis. No le pongo 5 estrellitas porque al final Bourne se pasa un poco a blandis amoroso y tanto azúcar en un canalla no me convence nada xDEl siguiente de la saga promete muuuchoooo!!!!

    22. Gosteienso e aquele epílogo. faz querer o próximo imediatamente! :D----()Penso que escrever um romance de época em que o enredo já não tenha sido escrito centenas ou até mesmo milhares de vezes. Este também não é original, todos eles copiam alguns detalhes uns dos outros mas há algo nesta autora que me faz gostar muito dos seus livros. Bourne é realmente um marquês irresistível e adorei os pormenores da relação dele com a Penelope quando eram jovens, nas cartas trocadas por ambos. [...]

    23. Posted onUnder the CoversA ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME is the first book in a new series called The First Rule of Scoundrels. In this book, the Marquess of Bourne lost everything but his title in a gaming hell. His land, servants, clothes, everything was taken away from him. So Michael vows revenge; his aim to one day retrieve everything that was taken away from him.Ten years later, Michael is now one of the owners of London’s most exclusive gaming hell. His life holds excitement and success, but [...]

    24. Una lectura rápida y entretenida, con buenos personajes, buen argumento y buen desenlace, aunque quizá algunas de sus partes se hacen un poco repetitivas. Es la primera entrega de la serie “Las reglas de los canallas”, que tiene la gracia de trasladar la trama a los bajos mundos londinenses de la época. Aunque no es de las novelas llamadas a destacar en el género, cumple las expectativas.

    25. I had a love / hate with this book. I loved the writing voice, loved Penny and her family, and loved the friends-to-lover plot. But I didn't like Michael for much of the book, I didn't like the pacing of the romance as it went too quick, and I didn't like the revenge plot as it felt a bit forced. Overall, the story kept me engaged and entertained, but it didn't 'WOW' me. I will continue with the series as there is plenty about the men at the gaming Hell that has me interested for more.

    26. Re-Read: January 12-13, 2018Ms. MacLean has done it again!!LOVED! LOVED! LOVED Penelope!Her strength, intelligence, courage, wit, loyalty, and her 'steel' to settle for nothing less than what she wantedAMAZING!! and Lord Bourne Michael.WOW!!!He was everything a 'scoundrel' should be, and no matter how many times he tried to push Penelope away, she kept hoping to see a glimpse of the childhood friend she once knew.Reading how they each played their cards, and waiting to see the others next move w [...]

    27. It was good. Not as good as Nine Rules or Eleven Scandals, but still a solid read. The epilogue itself was almost worth an extra star. At least the first part of it. It brought tears to my eyes. The second part is almost a 'to be continued' for the next couple, whose book comes out later this year.Penelope is a strong, patient woman. Much more patient than I could ever be, both with Leigton (from Eleven Scandals, remember, he broke their engagement), her father, and Bourne. She has literally bee [...]

    28. «—Soy demasiado imperfecto para ti – susurró contra su sien.—Eres perfectamente imperfecto para mí.»No ha estado tan mal el libro. No es de los mejorcitos que he leído pero me ha gustado bastante. Como siempre mis quejas PARA LA PROTAGONISTA, of course lo que es ella, hasta el 90% del libro: una pusilánime de cuidado. Creo que como ella, mucha gente no entiende que con el paso de los años todos cambiamos, y Penélope no parecía capaz de entender que Michael había cambiado. No, ell [...]

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