The Score He knows how to score on and off the iceAllie Hayes is in crisis mode With graduation looming she still doesn t have the first clue about what she s going to do after college To make matters worse

  • Title: The Score
  • Author: Elle Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He knows how to score, on and off the iceAllie Hayes is in crisis mode With graduation looming, she still doesn t have the first clue about what she s going to do after college To make matters worse, she s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solution to her problems, but gorgeous hockey star Dean DHe knows how to score, on and off the iceAllie Hayes is in crisis mode With graduation looming, she still doesn t have the first clue about what she s going to do after college To make matters worse, she s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solution to her problems, but gorgeous hockey star Dean Di Laurentis is impossible to resist Just once, though, because even if her future is uncertain, it sure as heck won t include the king of one night stands.It ll take than flashy moves to win her overDean always gets what he wants Girls, grades, girls, recognition, girls he s a ladies man, all right, and he s yet to meet a woman who s immune to his charms Until Allie For one night, the feisty blonde rocked his entire world and now she wants to be friends Nope It s not over until he says it s over Dean is in full on pursuit, but when life rocking changes strike, he starts to wonder if maybe it s time to stop focusing on scoring and shoot for love.

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    • The Score ¦ Elle Kennedy
      246 Elle Kennedy
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    About "Elle Kennedy"

    1. Elle Kennedy

      A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A in English from York University From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.Elle currently writes for various publishers She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting

    501 thoughts on “The Score”

    1. PISSED. Pissed off is what I am.Pissed off that it's over already, even though I tried to read as slowly as possible to savor the lurve.And yet I was STILL done with the book we've all waited endless months for in less than four hours. Boo.But what can you do I even forced myself to take Bejeweled breaks, thanks to my new gaming addiction via Mr. Hubby. whispered asideSir Man Meat said I would never be able to score as high as he does. Pffffffffffft. Real Life Fun Fact Alert: I call my husband " [...]

    2. 5 stars! It’s very rare that I read a series with 3 books and all 3 are equally fantastic and solid 5+ star reads for me. When starting The Score I was a little nervous it wouldn't live up to all the hype. I loved the first two books in this series so hard, I could only hope this was as good. I think The Mistake is still my favorite because, well… Logan. But honestly, this was just as good as The Deal for me and solid 5 star read! Dean and Allie are two characters we’ve known and loved sin [...]

    3. Well, I’ll be damned! I loved The Deal and didn’t think it would be possible to top it, but The Score, OMG! The Score was even better!!! The best part in the series! So yeah, I guess it’s time for Snoopy and the happy dance. Nothing about the plot from me because I encourage you to read it yourself, but I promise, you will laugh and get teary-eyed and get all mushy inside. All because of Dean Sebastian Kendrick Heyward-Di Laurentis. Holy shit, this guy is swoonworthy. Really, I’m in love [...]

    4. The funniest, most irreverent and emotional book in the series by far. My friends know how much I loved The Deal, and I love it still. I really do but this bookh! This book made me laugh and it also made me cry. Yes, cried because apparently, Elle Kennedy had a few surprises up her sleeves which totally broke my heart.The Score is the third book from Kennedy's wildly popular NA sports romance series, Off Campus. This time, the story centers on Dean, the unapologetic and self-proclaimed manwhore [...]

    5. 5 StarsI kiss him back hungrily, helpless to resist him. Dean Di Laurentis is in my blood now. I didn't expect this intense sexual chemistry between us, but it's here, and it's addictive, and I don't know how I can ever give it up.You know when you read the first book in a series and you love it so much that you don't think anything can top it, but then you read the second and you love it just as much? So then you know that the chances of that continue to hold for the 3rd book are slim, right? I [...]

    6. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      *****4.5 STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange For an Honest ReviewElle Kennedy definitely has another HIT on her hands with this one. The OFF CAMPUS series delivers the HOTTEST Hockey Players, panty melting scenes, and laugh out loud moments as well. Each guy is pretty cocky and gorgeous, but never do they come off as narcissistic pricks.Dean Di Laurentis is a serious PLAYER. He enjoys sex and is a serious exhibitionist as well. He also doesn’t have any desire to be in a s [...]

    7. Once again, Elle has taken a common new adult formula and made it fresh, fun and highly entertaining. A no-excuses manwhore and Ms. Relationship come together, resulting in sizzling chemistry and hilarious verbal sparring. The Scorewas a wonderful story, one that had me smiling and a bit misty eyed, a perfect combination of heart-warming romance and light-heart humor, all surrounding realistic college life. Dick Shot Dean gets a book!I can't wait ;)*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review* [...]

    8. FIVE MAN WHORE STARS.Maybe it’s time to stop focusing on scoring…and shoot for love.This series has well and truly got me wrapped around its little finger. If I could reproduce the feelings I have when reading one of the books in this particular series, then my happiness levels would be set for life. Talk about sweeping me off my feet, this hero has gone and made himself my favourite out of all Elle Kennedy's boys; no small feat let me tell you, this author has a particularly wonderful talen [...]

    9. ANOTHER WINNER!!!When you break up with your long-term boyfriend what exactly are your options? DEAN DI LAURENTIS.He could slap his face on a laxative label and every woman in the world would be praying for constipation just to have an excuse to buy it. My face? Turn-on. Chest? Turn-on. I’d roll over and show you my ass, but we both know the answer will be ‘turn-on’ so I’ll skip that one. Dick? Turn the fuck on. And then we get to the non-physical awesomeness that is Dean.You make life w [...]

    10. Can a manwhore recover from manwhoritis?I started The Score on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!!! The sucky thing about my birthday is that it’s a week before Christmas. I’m celebrating with my friends and family with a little voice inside my head saying “would these people hurry up and eat their cake…The Score is waiting”. Now I did say I was celebrating, which did involve wine. So by the time the friends did leave, the night time rituals had been done and I’m finally ready to cr [...]

    11. HOT DAMN! LOVED IT!THE DATING GAME questions with Dean and Allie: 1. I’VE HEARD YOU ARE PERFECT, DEAN. IS THERE ANY TRUTH TO THESE RUMORS?”Yeah. I am perfect. I need to remind myself of that more often.” 2. ALLIE, PRIOR TO GETTING TO KNOW DEAN WHAT WAS YOUR IMPRESSION OF HIM? ”If I’m being honest, I’ve never known what to make of the guy. He’s cocky, flirtatious… Superficial.” 3. COULD YOU SEE YOURSELF GETTING TOGETHER WITH HIM?”He’s annoying and ridiculous and totally not [...]

    12. The Life of Dean Stars* * * * *As a huge, massive, seriously devoted fan of The Deal by Elle Kennedy, I was over the top thrilled to see the success of her new series Off-Campus. I enjoyed reading about people in college who had dreams and goals; who experienced things in their lives which shaped who they were and when confronted with real challenges, pulled from within muscled through.g out the other end, better. These books had humor, drama, amazing sexy times and most of all, none of the over [...]

    13. First things first, can we take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness of this cover?Second, if I can't have a John Logan (because Logan will always be my number one hockey hottie) can I have a Dean Sebastian Kendrick Heyward-Di Laurentis? And third, is there a way to stop drooling?(No? I thought so.)I am a bad, bad girl. I have a shitload of work to do, I have the most brutal exams of my life approaching but do I study? Hell no, I just fall in love with the hottest athletes that an author has [...]

    14. She is art. What the f*ck do you expect from her,Other than confusion, beauty, and goddamn soul?5 #HeWantsHerOnABiologicalLevel STARSAllie and Dean ♥Dean. Oh sweetheart I've been waiting for your book. I certainly WAS NOT disappointed with this one. The biggest player out of the hockey bunch who I've fallen head over heels for. One thing that was constant was my smile. Whether it be a watery one or one from laughter. Dean never failed to keep one on my face. This guy is HILARIOUS, sweet, and [...]

    15. 3.5 Stars!Really need half stars here . The fact that there was skimming involved warrants a rounding down, BUT there were some pretty damn funny lines that make me want to round up. Honestly, for me this felt like a repeat of book 1 and 2, just changing up the main characters names. Seems like all of the men are reformed manwhores (really really over it), the couples want to keep their proclivities on the DL, and the hero does something stupid at the end. No? I know I'm in the minorityI expecte [...]

    16. Update it's now LIVE!!! 5 stars! You know the book is a winner when you have a smile on your face the entire time you’re reading it. Considering I have loved every Elle Kennedy book I’ve read, I knew going into this book it would be a good read. What I didn’t know is that I would freaking love this book. I need to get my hands on a paperback copy so I can hug it very tightly!The Scorebegins with Allie having just broken up with her boyfriend. Knowing how easily he can worm his way back int [...]

    17. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED:“You’re going about this the wrong way, you know. The best way to get over someone is to hook up with someone else. ASAP.”“I’m not ready to be with anyone else yet.”“Sure you are. Seriously, just find yourself a rebound.” Dean whips up his arm. “I volunteer as tribute.”Just when I thought this series could not get any better, we are given another delectable instalment in this witty, sexy, flawlessly written series about opposites attracting. We saw the [...]

    18. Title: The ScoreSeries: Off Campus #3Author: Elle KennedyRelease Date:16 January, 2016Rating: 4 starsCliffhanger:. No HEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes (hide spoiler)]How much I enjoy reading Elle Kennedy ’s Off – Campus Series is indescribable. Gah! The sizzling chemistry and intense intimacy between the MCs is what makes those books so freaking awesome! They are just so damn good and funny! A perfect escape from boring reality – something I desperately needed this year. The Deal and The Mistake [...]

    19. FULL REVIEW POSTED! 4.99 "Dean+Allie+Winston"stars "Allie am I interrupting you while you're,umriding the solo train to Orgasmville?"When Elle Kennedy strikes, she scores!!!With this book she out done herself! Once again showed that she's brilliant author with unique style!Despite that the words float to me like drinking mohitto in a hot summer day, I felt this book! I laughed, I cried, I was angry, I swoooned, I was happy, I felt everything and i couldn't put it down for a dear life !!!What i l [...]

    20. Update: Bonus Scene from The Score! :)galleryilchimp/653a5a8---------------Dean, you're such a manwhore but I like you a lot. Especially your talented tongue Mmmm you were so yummy! :-D My God, I freaking love this series sooo much!!! :D “It’ll be fun. Sex is always fun.”“Pass.”“Okay, no sex. How about just oral?”“Am I giving or receiving?”“Receiving. And then giving. Because that’s how it goes.” “You know, the circle of life and all that.”

    21. It's live! amzn/1R5Pq7q5+ "I don't like shirts" Stars!To say I was a little excited to read The Score is a bit of an understatementI mean, this is Elle Kennedy, who has proven to me she is the queen of arrogant yet completely endearing man-whores (and she's actually making me enjoy the NA genre again- which is a huge undertaking in itself). I'd met Dean Di Laurentis in The Deal and knew this self-absorbed sex-on-a-stick would give us an entertaining ride. To say this book is entertaining is such [...]

    22. Buddyread with my amazing sis Bea (click her name to read her beautiful review) :) I knew this book will definitely bring me tons of fun times, but heck I didn't expect this installment to be this crazily good! And HOT. Who wouldn't get all warmed-up when it's The Life of Dean we're talking here? DEAN SEBASTIAN KENDRICK HEYWARD-DI LAURENTIS.We've met Dean in the previous books of the Off-Campus series. One of the hockey hotties of Briar, this guy is the manwhore of all manwhores in the team. And [...]

    23. Title: The ScoreSeries: Off-Campus #3Author: Elle KennedyRelease date:January 11, 2016Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]This series for me has been nothing short of magic. And I don't throw out those words lightly. I've gone through so many NA books that were passable, but just didn't have anything special to differentiate them from any of the others in the genre. What makes this series so great is that every single book has been memorable enough to land them on my favorites sh [...]

    24. |4.4 stars| I have the words “I love you” on my lips.His green eyes burn with emotion. He lets out a husky groan and sags on top of me, thrusting deep one last time. Then he says, “I love you too.”Blurb: Allie Hayes is in crisis mode. With graduation looming, she still doesn’t have the first clue about what she's going to do after college. To make matters worse, she’s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship. Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solutio [...]

    25. 5 "Little Dean" STARSThis series is just the bomb! Elle delivers another great addition about these hockey hotties from Briar University. This was definitely a score!The third book in this series is about Dean Sebastian Kendrick Heyward-Di Laurentis, the sexy, rich, D-man of the Briar's hockey team and the unabashed manwhore. And Hannah's BFF and roommate, Allie Hayes, the sexy, sassy and smart drama major and life long nester - she only does relationships. These two are brought together as Alli [...]

    26. 5+++ 100% in love with Dean Stars Well dah-um I'm speechless I loved the Deal, that has hit my fav list of 2015 but dare I say it Dean is one to behold Holy crap I LOVE HIM, full out AM IN LOVE WITH THE MAN!! He is real right?? And he sure found his match in Allie. I don't really know how to review this, all I'm going to say is this had it all really it was funny, full out sneezing and holding my breath to stop laughing, to sexy and heartwarming. It even had my emotions in a tether Yes I cried t [...]

    27. 5 **tequila** STARS“I’m Dean Di Laurentis, for fuck’s sake. I can snap my fingers and a dozen chicks appear, begging to ride my dick.”Well, it's official I have my first book for the “best of 2016” shelf. What a gem. Hilarious, sexy and just one of those books you have to read. The hype is real and well deserved.Kudos to Ms. Kennedy. She had a very good run with the Off-Campus series so far. The Deal was one of my 2015 favorites and The Mistake was an ok read as well. But The Score a [...]

    28. ***5 "You and your dirty mind" stars***(r Dicky, his baby doll and her Winston!!! Bahahaha)Seriously, guys!!! Elle Kennedy have the magic pen!!!Why i'm saying this??? This series is just AWESOMEPlot??? AWESOME!!!Male characters??? AWESOME!!!Female characters??? AWESOME!!!Writing??? AWESOME!!!Sexy hot scenes??? AWESOME!!!Secondary characters??? AWESOME!!!Even the saddest moments are AWESOME!!!Yep, I'm addicted to this series and i'm shameless!!!!If you asked me who would be my favorite character [...]

    29. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you

      DNF at 34%UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT. Also I'll mention porn and sex in a crude way so beware. I recommend not reading this review if you have problem with those topics.Hell no!This book is not as good as The Deal. It's not as well-written, it's full of filler drama and internal dialogue that doesn't add anything to the plot and the heroine annoyed me so much. She's basically a cheater (she breaks up with Sean and the following night has a one night stand with the hero Dean DeLaurentis), she takes [...]

    30. LIVE on !Another absolutely perfect addition the the Off-Campus series! Before I begin I have to say if you haven’t started this series, you absolutely should!The Score is Dean’s story and before I even started I had already fallen in love with the rich, college playboy who doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. But I must say I really fell in love with him when I realized there was more to the fun, easy going guy. Dean may seem aloof, but he is actually very studious, dedicated and [...]

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