The Oldest Soul Animus The Oldest Soul Trilogy Book Eve has no idea she s the oldest soul on earth with a pre wired connection to every other soul on the planet and that the boy she s mysteriously drawn to named Roman has been her soul mate her lov

  • Title: The Oldest Soul - Animus (The Oldest Soul Trilogy Book 1)
  • Author: Tiffany FitzHenry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eve has no idea she s the oldest soul on earth, with a pre wired connection to every other soul on the planet and that the boy she s mysteriously drawn to, named Roman, has been her soul mate, her love of nearly three hundred lifetimes until he tells her.But what Roman doesn t mention is that the new genetic test called Animus will soon expose what she is to the whole worlEve has no idea she s the oldest soul on earth, with a pre wired connection to every other soul on the planet and that the boy she s mysteriously drawn to, named Roman, has been her soul mate, her love of nearly three hundred lifetimes until he tells her.But what Roman doesn t mention is that the new genetic test called Animus will soon expose what she is to the whole world and that he s being tasked with the impossible steering her, into the open arms of another, a boy named Jude She ll learn that Jude s the only brand new soul on earth the one who s come to change the world, and that the future of humanity rests in their intertwined destiny.tiffanyfitzhenrytheoldestsoul

    • The Oldest Soul - Animus (The Oldest Soul Trilogy Book 1) By Tiffany FitzHenry
      441 Tiffany FitzHenry
    • thumbnail Title: The Oldest Soul - Animus (The Oldest Soul Trilogy Book 1) By Tiffany FitzHenry
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    1. Tiffany FitzHenry

      tiffanyfitzhenryTiffany has said that the story of The Oldest Soul had been making its presence known for several years Eve first sprang into her mind like a bucket of cold water in the face while on a walk in 2011, she promptly went home and wrote the first 4 pages which have remained unchanged since But she filed Eve s one of a kind journey away in her mind when work on other projects beckoned I ve been a writer of all forms of stories since I was around seventeen and the potential success of one of my TV pilots took me further from Eve s story, but what I didn t realize was that I was always amassing inspiration for what would one day become The Oldest Soul Everything in my world somehow always circled back to Eve In the spring and summer of 2015, in a matter of months, she breathed life into ANIMUS, or rather, it breathed life into her The story is a force of nature and seemed to move through me like an incredible breath of life from someplace else Tiffany has always said that stories know what they want to be And that as a writer she feels it s her job to show up and get out of the way Never has that felt so true than when Eve is telling her story Honestly I just write it down Elaborate worlds infused with real human emotions and strong characters with thought provoking stories are what fills my soul Tiffany has spent the past few years creating such worlds in the form of original feature screenplays and T.V pilots as a screenwriter She is represented by David Boxerbaum at Paradigm Talent Agency The Oldest Soul ANIMUS is her debut novel.

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    1. Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you heard the phrase, someone is an “old soul”? What if science, with all of its many achievements could map the human genome back to the very first being, and that a soul could be quantified and dated, as well? Are there only a finite number of souls or are new ones created all the time? Pretty heavy pondering, huh? Welcome to Tiffany FitzHenrys’ world, The Oldest Soul – Animus where one contemporary seventeen-year-old girl discovers she possesses t [...]

    2. My honest hope is to take readers on a fast-paced, mysterious ride, full of closely guarded historical secrets fictionalized into a world so unique it has to be experienced and stays with the reader, almost hauntingly, all while challenging, and inspiring and stirring some dormant sleeping place deep in all of us.

    3. I fell in love with Eve's character by the end of chapter 1. The concept of soul mates, reincarnation and past lives is so unique and flat out fascinating! As you read this book it almost makes you feel something deep inside that makes you question "is this real". Highly recommend!

    4. This book was really a case of a happy accident, I took the soul test on Facebook, and was led to the book description. I found the premise to be exciting and something wholly original. The concept of aging a soul, recalling a past life and the people you travel with through lifetimes has always been fascinating. The author does an amazing job keeping all of the narrative threads together and weaving the concepts of many ideologies together without being divisive or preachy. This story is swift, [...]

    5. Just finished reading this book. First of all I could not put it down, the pace just made me tear through the pages. I liked it so much, I can not wait to get my hands on book 2! Eve is such an incredible hero and all the other characters just feel so real, you ghet really invested in their lives and are left wanting more. By the last pages you're wanting to slow it down but it's only speeding up, racing toward an end that leaves you literally breathless. Best book I've read since Divergent.

    6. Honestly, this book will take you to places you've never been but somehow feel like maybe you have in the most amazing way. Reading it is like having a memory of a wish, it's hard to describe. It has to be experienced.

    7. Just read it. Then you'll understand. It's like the best of Twilight but more fascinating, you don't have to be a vampire to relate to it. I couldn't put it down, and yet I didn't want it to end.

    8. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a quickly paced, page turner. Watch out Katniss Everdeen, Evelyn O’Cleirich is here!

    9. Such a fun conceptbut I didn't like the executiont yet anyhow.It felt like the author had this grand idea and wrote all their favorite parts first, the questions posed to offer insight in life and death, a shared glance that can offer entire conversations, the gifts that come with reincarnation. Reading about parts of this, you know the author is just having a grand time coming up with this universe. But. It feels like the author forgot to invite us on the journey and share the adventure with he [...]

    10. For full review please go to: 5girlsbookreviews, Twitter @camartinez and Facebook "5 Girls Book Reviews"REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 1 monthMAY CONTAIN SPOILER:This book was wonderful, but had me confused a lot. At times I couldn't understand what certain scenes contributed to the book. My favorite character was Jude because he sounded like a generally cool guy to hang out with. My favorite part was when Shamas destroyed the Queen Bee colony because the detail was incredible.

    11. I’m always commenting on how unique the books I agree to review are and this one is no different. I’m really not playing this up, this is truly one of a kind and I’m happy I had the chance to read it. I’ll admit, this is a bit out of my genre and I probably would not have ever picked up this book on my own. That being said, this is a prime example of how it is possible to write a good review for a book you may not have necessarily liked. The first point I’m going to highlight is the ed [...]

    12. Truly enjoyable.This book is a page turner. The story moves along at a nice clip with each chapter having a nice little reveal. The ending drove me nuts because I know that I've absolutely GOT to buy the next one and it's not out yet. Some great and imaginative characterizations of the different lifetime levels afterwards though. Really looking forward to book two.

    13. I LOVED reading this book!!! I couldn't put it down until I had read the last page. Such an original subject matter. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    14. This was SO good! Although I am left wondering in there going to be another book? I can't find the answer anywhere! If someone does know please let me know

    15. Insightful!This was definitely one of those books that makes you think about existence, and human nature. I can't wait to read what happens next.

    16. Actual rating 3.5Not a bad start to a series! I love the ideas behind it and how everything is all connected. I found sometimes that Eve could tend to drag on for a bit more than necessary, making too many comparisons etc.

    17. It all happened so quickly I felt as swept up and confused as Eve through the book but, like Eve, irresistibly compelled forward. I was quite surprised when it ended and am going to start the next on immediately.

    18. Wow!!!Enlightening. It makes one look at existence from another perspective entirely. It has an air of truth to it. Possibilities.

    19. This was a book that happened to me. I was on Facebook and saw a quiz about how old is your Soul. I was intrigued by this. Once I discovered it was premise for a book I wanted to read it. Fiction is not generally what I read unless there is some spiritual basis to the story. This book covers that. Overall I found the story actioned packed, thought provoking and enveloping. Look forward to reading the second book.

    20. Enlightening Information It started a little slow, then it grabbed me and kept me guessing. Waiting for the second one, should have it soon.

    21. Okay, so, before I go into why I gave this four stars, a few things I didn't like. ~The first half was a little slow, and the second half was a little fast. Not too big a deal, but kind of annoying. ~Love triangle (you could, if pressed, make a - weak - argument for there not being a love triangle, but by my definition, there was a love triangle, and I despise those on principle. Sorry.) ~The sentence structure and punctuation was, in some places, veryodd. I had to stop several times and scratch [...]

    22. Maybe it's because I'm an author. Maybe it's because I just finished reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy the night before picking up Animus. Maybe it's because I generally don't read first person fiction.But since chapter 1, Animus has been a fast-paced disappointment.Even for a first novel, it was astonishingly poorly executed. The main characters felt incredibly flat:Eve = average teen girl with lots of insecurities and everyone hates her. Nothing ruffles her, but nothing motivates her, eith [...]

    23. Reviewed by AlliesOpinions on Wordpress!“The Oldest Soul” is one of those books that is entertaining but also thought provoking. Putting aside the controversy of the existence of a soul and looking at the aftermath if there is a soul is more of what I felt this book was about. Not so much religion but more a weaving of science and myth. There are some quotes from the Christian Bible but for the most part I felt this story was more speculative fiction than anything.Fitzhenry does a great job [...]

    24. This was such an unexpected treat. So otherworldly, ethereal, and far more philosophical than I'd have imagined, The Oldest Soul - Animus is very reminiscent of a Neil Gaiman, Nick Bantock, or what I wanted that one David Mitchell I read to actually be. And yet, it is so imaginative, it commands its own ship.

    25. I loved this book!!! There's some kind of magic on every page, something that was always fascinating me and pulling me along. I absolutely devoured it, faster than I've read any book and can not wait for the next two to be released! A must-read for fans of almost any genre. From romance to fantasy, sci-fi to mystery, everyone is going to love this book.

    26. 4 stars!This was a fun journey. Fresh, unique, with detailed descriptions.The author has a flawless talent in writing and I couldn't stop reading.My one thing is though, the story doesn't pick up until later on. In the first half, the story is building up and things are getting explained. I wish there was more world-building. I love it when author's describe the setting.Anyways, you'll love this if you're looking for something different and dystopian.

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