Kingdom Ethics Following Jesus in Contemporary Context A Christianity Today Book of the Year In this masterful and innovative book Glen H Stassen and David P Gushee join profound ethical reflection with faith in Jesus Christ a life of discipleship a

  • Title: Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context
  • Author: Glen H. Stassen David P. Gushee
  • ISBN: 9780830826681
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Christianity Today 2004 Book of the Year In this masterful and innovative book Glen H Stassen and David P Gushee join profound ethical reflection with faith in Jesus Christ, a life of discipleship and the hope of the present and coming kingdom of God The result is a challenging, comprehensive treatment of Christian ethics centered on the life and teachings of Jesus DA Christianity Today 2004 Book of the Year In this masterful and innovative book Glen H Stassen and David P Gushee join profound ethical reflection with faith in Jesus Christ, a life of discipleship and the hope of the present and coming kingdom of God The result is a challenging, comprehensive treatment of Christian ethics centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Drawing on detailed studies of the Sermon on the Mount, Stassen and Gushee shed light on the whole of biblical ethical teaching as it relates to a wide range of issues, including peacemaking, just war, nonviolence, sexuality and gender roles, marriage and divorce, race, economics, care of creation, prayer and politics Their work yields neither an impossible idealism, nor an abstract ethical system, nor a generic religious legalism Rather Stassen and Gushee set forth a holistic ethic that motivates us and provides us with a practical basis for living under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

    • Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context « Glen H. Stassen David P. Gushee
      129 Glen H. Stassen David P. Gushee
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    1. Glen H. Stassen David P. Gushee

      Glen Harold Stassen was a Southern Baptist theologian who helped define the social justice wing of the evangelical movement in the 1980s and played a role in advancing nuclear disarmament talks toward the end of the Cold War.Stassen studied nuclear physics at the University of Virginia and worked briefly in a naval laboratory after graduation before deciding that he could not contribute to the development of nuclear weapons He quit to attend Union Theological Seminary in New York City and received his doctorate from the Duke Divinity School in Durham, N.C in 1967.He taught at Kentucky Southern College now part of the University of Louisville and Berea College in Kentucky before joining Southern Baptist Theological Seminary There, Dr Stassen clashed with administrators who urged faculty members to place ideas like prohibiting abortion, the subordination of women in the family and the literal truth of biblical texts at the core of their teaching.More than personal rectitude and obedience to rules of behavior, Dr Stassen argued, Christian ethics demanded organized action to save the world from self destruction Christians need than an ethic of just say no, he wrote Jesus didn t just say no to anger and revengeful resistance, but commanded transforming initiatives Go make peace with your brother or sister go the second mile with the Roman soldier What Christians needed, he said, was an ethic of constructive peacemaking Dr Stassen championed a pragmatic approach to social justice and world peace In a series of books beginning in 1992, he outlined a program of grass roots activism to reduce military spending, improve the lives of the disadvantaged and give citizens a voice in international conflict resolution.Dr Stassen s version of political activism in the 1980s and 90s put him at odds with leaders of the religious right, who were focusing on opposing abortion and gay rights.Dr Stassen was among the few prominent evangelical leaders to publicly challenge the Rev Jerry Falwell, the leader of the Moral Majority, over his electioneering on behalf of Ronald Reagan s presidential campaigns in 1980 and 1984 And he was among the few to criticize Reagan over his domestic spending cuts, his military buildup and his use of the phrase evil empire in 1983 to describe the Soviet Union.He went on to help mobilize the international disarmament movement that, by some accounts, played a role in removing intermediate range nuclear missiles from Western Europe in the late 1980s and early 90s.Theologians had long wrestled with the Christian response to war, and whether it was ever morally justified to kill Two schools of thought had emerged pacifism, which said it was never justified, and just war theory, which described circumstances in which killing in war was morally defensible Dr Stassen advocated what he called a third option preventing wars from starting in the first place.In Just Peacemaking Transforming Initiatives of Justice and Peace 1992 and a dozen other books on nonviolence and conflict resolution, Dr Stassen described techniques for hard nosed negotiating in which both parties admit culpability for past deeds, take a clearheaded measure of the interests of the other side and sometimes make calculated unilateral initiatives Biblical realism, as he described the mind set for negotiations like these, is about diagnosing sin realistically and seeking deliverance, not merely about affirming some high ideals summarised edited from The New York Times Obituary

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    1. Read several portions, both for a class and a reading group. So insightful about Christian ethics, and highlights how they are responses to the graciousness of God rather than a burden of human effort. Focuses primarily on Scripture and the life of Jesus as sources of ethics, rather than philosophically derived ethics (though it relates to them). Still extremely analytical and intellectually sound. EXCELLENT and quite powerful.

    2. Very, very good. A few mildly liberal bones to spit out, but the way Stassen and Gushee root Jesus' teaching of the Sermon on the Mount in prophetic literature is terrific. And their proposed hermeneutic of reading Jesus' teachings as "triads" is worth the price of the book.

    3. Like many of you, I was reared in the Christian faith. Saved at 5. Baptized at 8. First special music at church around 13. Won a preaching award at 14. Went off to Christian university at 18.Like I said. Reared.And the type of church I was reared in was what people like to call a "bible believing" church. I don't say that with smirk. I only point that out because as a fundamentalist church we were absolutely committed to the Bible, the authority of Scripture as the foundation to our belief and b [...]

    4. Kingdom Ethics was an excellent overview of the potential present day applications made possible by the sermon on the mount. Their approach, to me, seemed rather innovative for the sermon on the mount. Where most people are taught that the information that Jesus provides in this moment are commands that one ought to do, they instead said these are not commands but rather insights into what the kingdom of God may be. By taking this approach one has a rather intriguing and potentially fulfilling t [...]

    5. Very solid stuff, although it's very dry and reads like a commentary. It's always hard for me to pinpoint why some writers are pure pleasure to read, why the style of particular authors draws me to their work, and why others, like Stassen and Gushee, feel more like work. Here, I think the work is worth it, but I wish it was more compelling.The discussions of the Beatitudes in general are particularly interesting, with some useful insights. For instance, regarding the third Beatitude ["Blessed ar [...]

    6. This is important, fair-minded, and accessible book. Stassen and Gushee explore Christian ethics using the structure and content of Sermon on the Mount as a theological base. The result is original, comprehensive, and compelling. It is definitely worth reading for those interested in the topic. But as an "introductory" text to Christian ethics I found the presentation half-complete. Stassen and Gushee address traditional ethical views only briefly and sporadically while spending a great deal of [...]

    7. An excellent discourse on Christian ethics that does a good job of bringing Jesus' teachings back into focus within an evangelical context that so often loses sight of them. Particularly helpful are two tools they present: character ethics and the triad interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount. It would have been nice if the authors had brought these concepts into unity with the ethical portions of the Epistles (such as the Fruit of the Spirit) and the Old Testament redemptive narrative, but th [...]

    8. While I appreciate Stassen and Gushee's efforts here - they avoid neat and tidy "thus sayeth the Lord" and grapple with contextualizing the ancient message of Scripture, I'm not totally sold on their methodology. While their triad approach to interpreting the sermon is appropriate much of the time it is hardly convincing as a universally applicable hermenuetical tool for all of the Sermon on the Mount. Thus, in my opinion the book falls short of some of its goals. However, this book is a great p [...]

    9. A great resource to have on one's shelf. Stassen and Gushie use the Sermon on the Mount as the foundation for articulating what a life according the teachings of Jesus will look like. Addresses topics like politics, gender, sexuality, violence, the environment, and others, from the perspective of Jesus' model of compassion, justice, and integrity. A good go to for aiding in describing the life of a disciple.

    10. For the record, I didn't read all of this book. Parts of it were required reading for a graduate level class I was in, and I mildly enjoyed what I read. I was recently going through my books, getting rid of those that I thought I wouldn't read soon, and Kingdom Ethics was a casualty of this house cleaning. However, just yesterday I was wishing that I had kept this book. Thus, I give it a 3-star rating. Good enough to check out, but not so good that I felt compelled to keep it.

    11. A good reminder that all Christians are Christians first and then Americans. And at the same time they have a duty to involve themselves in the politics of their nations for the good of God's Kingdom. Very interesting discussions on big issues: war and peace, death penalty, abortion, etc.

    12. Great read on Christian ethics from the context of Jesus sermon on the mount. Insightful perspective on the ethics of the Kingdom as 180 reverse on ethics of the present world system.

    13. You have to love an approach to ethics that seeks the perspective of Jesus. This book is deeply thoughtful and thoroughly researched. It covers everything and brings refreshing new perspectives.

    14. Academically thorough and updated - a combination of Stassen wisdom and Gushee contemporary energy regarding a Christian ethic from evangelical viewpoint.

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