I Scream You Scream Recently divorced Tallulah Jones is mortified when she s stuck scooping sundaes for her two timing ex husband and his bodacious new girlfriend Brittanie at his company luau But when Brittanie drops

  • Title: I Scream, You Scream
  • Author: Wendy Lyn Watson
  • ISBN: 9780451228352
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • Recently divorced Tallulah Jones is mortified when she s stuck scooping sundaes for her two timing ex husband and his bodacious new girlfriend, Brittanie, at his company luau But when Brittanie drops dead, Tally is suddenly the prime suspect in the murder investigation To catch the killer, Tally will have to dip deep into her small Texan town s darkest secrets and churnRecently divorced Tallulah Jones is mortified when she s stuck scooping sundaes for her two timing ex husband and his bodacious new girlfriend, Brittanie, at his company luau But when Brittanie drops dead, Tally is suddenly the prime suspect in the murder investigation To catch the killer, Tally will have to dip deep into her small Texan town s darkest secrets and churn up stories some would prefer to keep in the past But can she uncover the real culprit before a murder charge puts her dreams on ice for good

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    1. Wendy Lyn Watson

      Wendy Lyn Watson s checkered past includes stints as a graveyard shift Denny s waitress, a nanny, a video arcade attendant, and a federal court law clerk These days, Wendy s day job is teaching constitutional law to college kids.She also writes mysteries light, funny mysteries because what could be funnier than murder Following the Mysteries a la Mode, Wendy s adding some history to her mystery Once Upon a Wallflower, a Regency set romantic mystery, will be released in August, 2013.While she doesn t commit or solve murders in real life, she can kill a pint of ice cream and not even blinkl She s also a devotee of Asian horror films, 80s music, and reality TV.Series A Mystery a La Mode

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    1. The Plot: The story revolves around Tally Jones, her ice cream parlor, and her involvement in the murder of her ex-husband's latest romantic conquest. With the added romantic aspect with a handsome stranger from the past, it's safe to claim that this novel won't knock your socks off with its masterful storytelling.The Setting: It takes place in a supposedly warm Southern town where everybody knows everybody, though I didn't think the author was effective at portraying small town charm.The Charac [...]

    2. This is a first-rate 1st in series cozy mystery! Tallulah Jones has recently divorced her lying, cheating ex and has gone into business with her cousin making & selling their own ice cream creations. The store has a cutesy name, Remember the A-la-Mode (they're in Texas!), and they're trying to make a name for themselves. Tally's ex & his new bimbo hire her to handle the dessert at the ex's company's annual picnic. The bimbo turns up dead from anti-freeze poisoning and suspicion ends up f [...]

    3. The cover of this book is very deceiving- it makes "I Scream, You Scream" look like a fluffy/silly/almost immature read, when in reality, it's anything but. I was surprised to find that this book was actually VERY good- well paced, hard to put down, intelligent and really well thought out. I liked all of the characters, the small town setting, and the interplay between Tally and her ex-husband- it was fun and sometimes a bit heartbreaking to see how Tally navigates the murky waters of transition [...]

    4. I put off reading this book because the cover really put me off. I thought it was going to be a sticky sweet kind of chick lit and really boring book; however, it was an interesting fun read. The characters are fun and quirky.Tally owns an ice cream shop and caters her ex-husband's party, and his Barbie doll girlfriend dies at the party. Tally, of course, is blamed with the murder, so she sets out to find the real culprit. Her cousin Bree and niece Alison help her investigate.

    5. This series caught my eye at the library and I'm glad it did. I enjoyed the first one. Hopefully the second one is as good as the first.

    6. Tallulah Jones is newly divorced and struggling to keep her fledging ice cream parlor, Remember the A-la-mode off the ground. Unfortunately, part of keeping her business solvent means agreeing to cater the dessert for her ex-husband Wayne's annual Weed & Seed party. This year the party is to have a luau theme, and Wayne wants bright neon green, his business theme color, to be featured in the ice cream desserts. Tally can manage to whip up a green topping for some tropical sundaes, carefully [...]

    7. It was ok. I don't read cozies for the mystery. Which is just as well, because here, the murderer was blindingly obvious - Tally spent so much time looking at the opposite direction. The motive was barely there. There was a point in the book where I thought it would get interesting - (view spoiler)[when for a minute Tally thinks that gorgeous hunk Finn Harper might have something to do with it, but he's too gorgeous to be a murderer (hide spoiler)] - but that was wiped out pretty quick. So why d [...]

    8. Cute cozy about Tally Jones, a divorced woman who owns her own ice cream shop and is about to 'work' for her ex-husband and his annoying new girlfriend.Add to that, her old high school boyfriend is back in town.She lives with her cousin, Bree (who is actually more like a sister) and her sixteen year old 'niece', Alice in Dalliance Texas - a place that could - to paraphrase from JoAnn Simms - 'put Peyton Place to shame'.Tally is a little naive, a little innocent and she's spent her whole life try [...]

    9. I decided to read Wendy Lyn Watson's A La Mode mystery series because I recently read the 1st book in her Paws for Murder series and loved it. Most of the time when cozy authors have a pen name, the other series is as good, if not better than the other (most of the time) so it was worth it to me to start this one. I guess for me, it was good but not as good as the Paws for Murder mystery. It was just ok. Typical story again, ho-hum, husband left our main character, Tally for a thinner, younger m [...]

    10. I would technically give this probably about a 4.5, but I'm going to round up because I really could not find any fault with this book. It may not be particularly groundbreaking, but I felt that it still did everything right. The pacing and the way in which Watson reveals new information is frequent enough to keep boredom at bay without progressing too fast or making the answer painfully obvious. I feel disappointed in a mystery story if I can figure out the "Whodunnit" long before the conclusio [...]

    11. I've been in the mood to read mysteries so I picked this one up at B&N before Christmas and just now got to it. It was pretty good. There were a couple of places in the book that made me go o.O Like when JoAnn admitted that Tally's ex-husband was a sex addict. Really? He had cheated on Tally while they were married, so he's a sex addict? And his sponsor is one of the women he cheated with? I don't think so. When we got to the end and found out who killed Brittanie, I felt a little let down. [...]

    12. Tally owns and runs A-La-Mode an Ice Cream Parlor in her home town. Business has been slow so when her Ex Husband Wayne and his new Girlfriend Brittania hire her to Scoop and Serve Sundaes at the Company Luau, she is stuck. To make matters worse her Ex Boyfriend Finn Harper is back in town and working as a reporter at the local paper. When Brittania dies Tally becomes the prime suspect in the Murder investigation. To catch the Killer Tally will have to dig deep into the past and dig Dalliance's [...]

    13. Very cute story!! Tally Jones owns and operates an ice cream store in a small town in Texas. The book opens with her serving obnoxious customers who end up being her cheating, rat bastard ex husband (her words lol) and his new Barbie girlfriend. While less than happy with her patrons she is excited that she landed the catering job for the rat bastards party. Too bad when Barbie drops dead, she ends up taking the blame for it. So what does any self respecting Texan do? She decides to figure out w [...]

    14. Sometimes cozies bring annoying characters and so-so plots. This wasn't one of them. Tallulah Jones and her cousin Bree have a way of getting information out of people in a subtle way that no one knows what their intentions truly are. Good story line with likeable characters that make you want to read it in one sitting. This is start of a series that I think will truly be something. Always has a yummy ice cream recipe in the back.

    15. This is a good intro to what seems like a good series. The characters seem to be real, and fun to read about. The only criticism I have is how the mystery was solved. The build up was good and then it felt like the climax just blew in out of thin air. I still liked the book though, and plan to read more of the series.

    16. This was a great read for all of us who are cozy mystery fans. Wendy Lyn Watson did a good job of mixing the real life troubles of the heroine and the mystery.

    17. Who could resist the Mystery a La Mode series? Great plotting and entertaining characters make this a series to watch.

    18. Tally Jones is seeing her profits from her ice cream parlor, Remember the Al-la-mode, melt away. To make matters worse, she is working a gig for her two timing ex-husband and his new blonde bombshell girlfriend. When that girlfriend drops dead and Tally is the main suspect, she'll need to act fast to find the real killer before her dreams melt away for good. My rating leans more towards 3 1/2 stars.This was a sweet little cozy that is pretty typical of its genre but still entertaining. Tally Jon [...]

    19. We get it. You live in Texas. I've lived there, and it's not that great. Calm down.Welcome to Dalliance, Texas. Did I mention this book is set in Texas? Because it isn't going to let you forget it. And then you will be forced to read so many trite Southern-type sayings. Because if you live in a small town in Texas, you talk like it. Tallulah, who everyone calls Tally, is newly divorced and owns an ice cream shop called "Remember the A-La-Mode". It's clever, I'll give you that. It made me chuckle [...]

    20. I admit it this one had me going until the end. I kept thinking it was this person, then that person in the end I was wrong!There were a few times where the story bogged down a bit, but overall a good read. I liked Tally's spunk, and her cousin Bree and her "niece" Alice added some laugh out loud moments. (If you're looking for ice cream recipes, you'll be disappointed, though- there's only 1 along with a topping recipe at the back of the book.)I will be reading the second book in this series wh [...]

    21. This is my first review for so I wasn't sure how to begin. I Scream , You Scream - the title was cutesy, the cover was pretty - two things required to entice me to read a book, the third readers's reviews and ratings . So far, all good. The first few pages were straight forward, the introductions of Tally and team, the reasons she had her ice cream shop and of course why she still had to do business with her cheating ex-husband and his new girlfriend (Brittanie). New girlfriend is murdered (coz [...]

    22. 1st in series:What a sweep scoop delicious Texas fun with a murder served on top. Tally Jones becomes the prime suspect when her ex husbands newest piece of candy turns up dead after a social function that Tally helped cater. All fingers point to Tally when the police find empty ice cream cups laced with anti-freeze instead of the specialty green drizzle topping. This was an easy going cozy mystery that kept a good pace. Unlike most cozy mysteries, our main characer doesnt get attacked, threatni [...]

    23. What a fun start to this cozy mystery series! I particularly liked the characters in this one. Tally Jones owns an ice cream shop. She is fun and interesting, she tries to be a nice person, she's lived in Dalliance, TX all her life, she's close to her crazy sister and sweet niece, and she's even friendly with her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately her ex-husband's girlfriend drops dead after a party where Tally served her ice cream for dessert, so suspicion points to her. She decides [...]

    24. I Scream, You Scream by Wendy Lyn Watson is the first book of the Mystery a la Mode cozy mystery series set in contemporary North Texas. Protagonist Tallulah "Tally" Jones recently divorced Wayne Jones, owner of Wayne's Weed and Seed, for his unfaithfulness. Now she owns her own ice cream parlor in her small hometown of Dalliance, Texas, and lives in a cozy bungalow with her sister Bree and niece Alice. Tally has plenty of financial worries, running her own business and restoring the bungalow, s [...]

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